Wednesday, 3 June 2009

What Europe Means to Us

Mother Europe (Gr. "Europa") is our homeland, quite apart from the nation in which we reside. Our nation is just one nation in a multi-faceted, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic grouping of peoples with common interests and common aspirations. Europe is a family of geo-political, geo-economic nations which depend upon one another for trade and security.

More or less 75% of the laws which govern our country are handed down from Europe and we must abide by them. Our representatives in the European Parliament, in Brussels and Strasburg, are the legislators who help to formulate the policies which govern us. Our own Parliaments at Westminter and Holyrood, and our Assemblies at Cardiff and Stormont are cogs in the machine of European democracy. There is no turning back the clock on Europe.

These are the reasons why tomorrow's vote on electing MEPs to the European Parliament is important. Those who are elected represent us and legislate for us. If you do not vote you will be obliged to accept the laws which are passed by people who you did not wish to be elected. It's your choice: vote for Plaid Cymru, the SNP, the Greens.
Do not vote for the BNP. You have been warned....


kerdasi amaq said...

MEP's don't legislate, they're worse than Parliament, they rubberstamp the laws as handed to them by the European Commission, they may propose amendments to laws, and it is at the discretion of the Commission if these amendments are added to the bills or not.

Wales doesn't have a future in Europe, because Europe doesn't want it to. The 'good Europeans' in Brussels mean to smash and obliterate the nations of Europe.

Why to you think that they are so keen on non-white immigration into Europe? It's to replace the indigenous population. What they are doing is genocide.

a view from the glen said...

What a load of billiards. That is why I no longer support Plaid the fact that you think having MEPs help Wales ROFL.

Plaid is slowly turning into a far left Party.

kerdasi amaq said...


Hmm, you think it's better that the Tories and Labour should monopolize Welsh EP seats.

If Plaid MEPs have any genuine patiotism about them, then they'll find a way to use their 'expenses' to advance the National cause.