Friday, 1 May 2009

Scotland's Swings

Subject: SNP achieve 8% swing in Bannockburn By-election

Commenting on the result of the Bannockburn by-election in Stirling Local Authority where Labour's vote plummeted and the SNP achieved an 8% swing from Labour the SNP's MSP for Stirling Bruce Crawford said:

"This is an excellent result and a solid performance for the SNP in what should have been a safe Labour seat. Labour received over 50% of the vote in May 2007 and to lose 20% of that shows how Labour is falling apart in Scotland. It also puts the Westminster seat firmly in our sights.

“May 2007 was a historic high point for the SNP with our best ever national result yet. We are continuing to advance on that high water mark as voters have increasing confidence in the party and our council administration. It is a highly satisfactory result for the SNP administration in Stirling.

"It must be hugely discouraging for Labour that their support has fallen back from that election in what was their first national defeat in 50 years.

"That Labour cannot lift themselves up from that low point despite their claims of 'leading the world' casts a serious question over Brown’s bad week."

The SNP is the government of Scotland, and has more councillors across the nation than any other party. We're a moderate social democratic bunch, and generally just lovely.

We want to see an independent Scotland play a full part in the running of the EU, because in the same way as Scotland really needs full control of our own affairs, the EU really needs a strong constructive voice for reform.

The SNP is putting forward a great slate of candidates to continue to press the cause of Scotland in the European Parliament, you can keep in touch with the campaign here, even if you might be outside of Scotland and can't vote for us.

Together, we've got what it takes.
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