Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Why Go Neutral?

In my opinion, part of the reason why countries such as the USA and Britain engender hatred among the more fundamentalist Islamic countries and peoples is their aggressive policies with regard to interfering with and attempting to impose their will ("making the world safe for democracy") upon other sovereign nations.

There is an inherent assumption that politicians of Western nations ("democracies") believe that their political model is the best and would suit all nations of the world, regardless of culture, tradition and religion. This stance not only alienates other nationalities but provokes the more radical and fundamentalist of their members to perpetrate aggressive acts, known as terrorism, against the Western countries which profess to be peace-loving and democratic nations.

Therefore, it is in the interests of countries such as Wales and Scotland to proclaim their neutrality, as Sweden has long done, and as Ireland does, and not to engage in provocative incursions on other less fortunate countries. Ireland has insisted upon its neutral status as a condition of its continued European Union membership.

This point of view is not necessarily correct but may pave the way to the withdrawal of troops from the Middle East and a lessening of tension throughout the world.

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