Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Opposing Politics of Hate

Annwyl gyfail,

I have been asked to pass on the details of the next Anti-BNP March organised by Llanelli Trades Council.

It will be held on 30th May, assembling in Upper Park Street and will move off at 11 a.m, through Stepney Street, Cowell Street, John Street and returning to the area outside Boots, where several speakers will make contirbutions.

It is especially important in the run up to the European Elections, given the BNP’s campaign for seats, that we show our strong opposition to their politics of hate.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Cofion gorau,


Natasha Cody
Trefnydd/Organiser - Plaid Cymru Llanelli


Anonymous said...

I don't vote BNP however, why don't the other parties including Plaid Cymru 'beat' them via their policies rather than marches and apocalyptice speeches. The answer is that politicians are crap.....and there's little difference between all the mainstreamers. They only thing they all do is try and keep the proles consuming and for HPI to increase year on year.....and this in a PC environment where not one of them will say anything for fear of treading on somebody's toes. They're all crap....no better than each other....including the BNP.

Anonymous said...

people don't think Plaid will fight for them. A lot will vote for the BNP because the political establishment (including Plaid) hate them.

Jill Evans's video last night was awful even more drippy than her usual - it didn't say anything except that Plaid are nice people who are nice to other people. Absolutely no discussion or mention of any policy nor the big issues which face Europe in this election - unemployment, migration, ecology.

ryan said...

Thanks for publishing the date.

I will post it oven on my blog as well.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Labourite concurs.....LOL!

Pelagius said...

I agree that giving publicity to fascists is just plain stupid. Especially when its done by other British nationalists who have implemented anti-working class policies, Islamo-phobia and military intervention all over the world. Many Labour voters can easily switch.

As for Jill Evans, if you don't know how much good work she's done on employment (especially workers rights) and environmental issues (one of the best records in Europe), where have you been since 1999?

Anonymous said...


Last year a Labour canvasser visited my home. I told her to feck off as I didn't need any war mongering parties sticking leaflets through my letter-box.

Your Ponzi economy is in tatters isn't it! It's a shame that the other parties seem to have bought into the idea. If you need me to....I can explain it to you.