Sunday, 24 May 2009

Swansea-Cork Ferry Results of a Survey

The old ferry and the proposed new ferry.

We asked you where you would be travelling from

30% of you would be travelling from Ireland, while 74% of you would start your journey in England and Wales

We then asked you where you would be travelling to
and 67% of you would travel to Ireland, of which 62% would be travelling to the South & West of Ireland.

We then asked how many return journeys you'd be making per year

By far the majority of you (36%) would be making two journeys per year -
although 80% of you would make two or more journeys per year (suggesting that travellers would be making regular visits to friends, family or holiday properties - rather than just the occasional weeks' holiday visit)

We asked which in months you'd be most likely to use the ferry

This showed a fairly constant demand from 25% or more of you from March to October, with September being the busiest month at 41%. Even in the 'low months' of January, February and November, 12% of you wanted to travel.
There's a clear need for a service in December - 27% of you wanted to travel then to visit friends and family...

We asked if you would be travelling with a vehicle or as a foot passenger

and 87% of you would be travelling with a vehicle. This clearly shows the unique niche that this particular route satisfies - customers who want to take their cars (so don't want to fly), but can't bear the long journey via Rosslare.

We asked if you would prefer a day or night sailing

and under 7% of you preferred a daytime crossing. Many of you have commented on how much you prefer the overnight crossing - as it offers a chance to relax, have bite to eat and perhaps a glass of the brown stuff, then wake up the following morning, refreshed and ready to continue your holiday.

We asked how many people would be travelling in your party

Nearly 50% of you would be travelling as a couple or in a party of 2.

We asked how many cabins you would book for each journey

Only 8% of you would not book a cabin - with 90% of you looking to book
one or two cabins.

We asked if you would be interested in a 'cabin-and-breakfast' package deal

and over 75% of you said 'yes' - some of you suggesting a 'dinner-cabin-breakfast' deal..

We asked whether you were in the previous 'frequent traveller' discount scheme

- and only 25% of you were.

We then asked what you felt was the single 'Best thing' about the old service, and what should remain the same ?

The highest scores were for the convenience of the route (57%), and the relaxed, overnight crossing.

We then asked what you felt was the single 'Worst thing' about the old service, and what you would like to see changed ?

Most of you would like to see a more modern, comfortable ship, with improved food. 15% of you felt that there was nothing wrong with the old service, or than the only thing wrong was that the ship stopped sailing!

We then asked if there was anything more that you'd like to comment on ?

60% of you gave general messages of support - or asked simply that we 'Bring it Back'. 20% of you couldn't face the alternative routes....

These are just a summary of the responses - we will be passing the full survey results (without your personal details) to the new operators - so that they can take note of your comments and preferences, and create a service that suits your needs. Thank you for taking part in the survey - we very much appreciate it.



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Mick said...

And the great news is that the ferry looks like it'll be running again from 1st March 2010.

The new service will be under the Fastnet Line brand, and their website (still being developed) is

Well done to all involved, a great achievement and brilliant that Swansea and Cork are once again connected!