Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Resurgence Happens for Scotland

With the resignation of Michael Martin as Speaker of the House of Commons a by-election will take place in Glasgow North-East. Now is the opportunity for the SNP to consolidate its gains as its popularity remains strong in the Scottish constituencies. The Glasgow East by-election which resulted in such a triumph for the SNP can and surely will be repeated in Glasgow North-East. Labour is at its lowest ebb in the popularity stakes and faces another overwhelming defeat at the forthcoming by-election.

There is a strong case too for a British General Election to "wipe the slate clean" and renew Parliament at Westminster, and undertake the task of equipping the legislature for the changes which the 21st Century brings with it. This new Parliament will need to examine constitutional issues in the United Kingdom and face the resurgence of national consciousness arising in the last colonies of the Anglo-Saxon Empire.

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