Thursday, 30 April 2009

The "Big Isssues" - what are they?

PM to keep focus on 'big issues'

Gordon Brown has said he would not be diverted from the "big issues" facing Britain as a humiliating reverse on Gurkhas' rights sparked claims his Government was losing authority.
Gordon Brown said he would not be diverted from the 'big issues'

The Prime Minister, who faces another Commons challenge, this time over his MPs' expenses reform proposals, was defiant during what one Cabinet colleague admitted was becoming "a bit of a week".

"As far as the day-to-day business of government, I just say to you we get on with it and we are dealing with the big issues and we are not going to be diverted," he said.

The big issues - apart from the economy - are presumably the coming general election and the survival of the Labour Party.

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