Thursday, 2 April 2009

A Visit to Plouye : Tavarn Ty Elise

I am about to visit a living legend. Below is a description of the place in a strange form of Breton English, but you cannot blame the Bretons for sailing over from Cornwall and settling in the wrong country. They have in the past suffered from their desire to escape Anglo-Saxon domination, including the banning of Celtic names and even deportation to the south of France!

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TY ELYSE undoubtedly the only and single coffee of France whose ground is out of beaten ground. I cannot resist to make you share this mythical place. Located at Plouyé at the fine bottom of the Brittany center, close to Huelgoat. Its owner is Walles man attaching and which deserves the turning. Ty Elise is on the way to be an institution and one should classify it historical inheritance. Of course, you understood it, the asepticized European standards and HACCP not yet reached it and did not disfigure it. Some photographs to follow to entice you and give you desire for going there. To note, that it appears among the largest seller of Coreff of the place. (the beer of Morlaix brewed and drawn as a real ale) It regularly gives itself to it concerts of traditional musics Celtic, generally free but some times paying with "great" groups" coming moreover further.

This extract makes a lot more sense in its French version.


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