Friday, 28 March 2008

The Voice of the People - Stifled in this 'Democracy'.

The question is :"where are we heading and what kind of society do we want? "
It is obvious to me at least that the kind of society we have today is not the kind of society which many of us want or feel comfortable with. We have become a Big Brother State/Nanny State in which the concerns of the individual are often ignored or overridden. This is reflected in the opinion polls and it is the reason for the growing lead of the Conservatives in England even though they do not have much to offer that is different or that constitutes real change.
There is great unease running through society and a fear of economic collapse, along with a distrust of government. The concerns are in affordable housing, services, health and hospitals, transportation, immigration, banking, council tax, child poverty and anti-social behaviour. The May elections will highlight the extent of public disaffection with the government's handling of these real issues.
Britain is fast becoming an authoritarian state in which the voice of the people is stifled. Society has already become highly materialistic in which money and power rule and dominate. The individual feels powerless to influence the world around him and sees that democracy in the present age is a word which has little meaning. This accounts for the huge numbers of people leaving Britain for a new life overseas, where laws and regulations are not so rigorous and discriminatory - it is not only the desire to live in a sunnier climate.

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