Saturday, 8 March 2008

Prince Madoc Taught the Indians to Speak Welsh

Madoc plaque removed by the Alabama Parks Department!!!
Believers in the voyage of Madoc (click) have erected monuments to him in the United States. In 1953 a chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution placed a plaque near Fort Morgan on Mobile Bay commemorating "Prince Madoc, a Welsh explorer, who landed on the shores of style="font-weight:bold;">Mobile Bay in 1170 and left behind, with the Indians, the Welsh language." This plaque was later removed by the Alabama Parks Department. A plaque at Fort Mountain State Park in Georgia recounts a nineteenth-century interpretation of the ancient stone wall that gives the site its name. The plaque repeats Tennessee governor John Sevier's claim that the Cherokees believed " "a people called Welsh" had built a fort on the mountain long ago to repel Indian attacks.

We need all Welsh organizations to contact Sam Jones, Mayor of Mobile about the missing Prince Madoc plaque that denoted the spot where Madoc landed at Mobile Bay in 1170.
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Billy E. Price
VP Alabama Welsh Association

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crs said...

There is now a petition from the Alabama Welsh Association to get this plaque back up and it can be found and added to here:

Put the Plaque Back!! Please sign the online petition!

More info here:-