Saturday, 29 March 2008

Plaid's Forward March to Independence for Wales

Plaid Cymru has just held its Spring Conference in Newport. The Party of Wales will continue to make a difference for the people of Wales, and set the scene for a Referendum on a Welsh Parliament leading to full independence. Unionist parties have shown that they cannot fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people of Wales. Only a true Party of Wales which is devoted to the best interests of Wales can achieve the changes which will transform the face of the nation forever. The enthusiasm of the delegates and speakers at the Conference speaks for itself. As we have seen, both Labour and Conservative governments have been disastrous for Wales, and now Plaid Cymru has come into its own, proud, confident and self-assured as it has come to maturity as the party for all the people of Wales, whatever their ethnicity, creed or colour, place of birth, or their ideological background. Cymru - Wales - is ready to unite to push forward the cause of independence.

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