Thursday, 6 March 2008

Campaign : Welsh Flag Number Plates

Welsh number plate campaign / Ymgyrch Cyfreithloni'n baner

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Welsh number plate campaign / Ymgyrch Cyfreithloni'n baner
Common Interest - Politics
Plaid is launching this number plate campaign to legalise the use of the Welsh national flag on vehicle number plates. The New Labour London Government have yet to honour a promise it made in 2001 to make it legal for the Welsh flag to be used on the number plates of cars, vans and lorries.

Mae Plaid wedi lawnsio ymgyrch i gyfreithloni defnyddio baner genedlaethol Cymru ar blatiau cofrestru ceir. Dydy'r llywodraeth Llafur newydd yn Llundain heb gadw'r addewid a wnaethpwyd yn 2001 i'w gwneud hi'n gyfreithlon i ddefnyddio'r ddraig goch ar platiau cofrestru ceir, faniau a loriau.
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Anonymous said...

So all these cars with Welsh number plates are illegal are they? Why we need to go begging to the English parliament to allow us to display our own flag, God knows. Just fly the flag.

alanindyfed said...

The Cornish have been doing this for years.
Instead of awaiting the benevolence of Westminster they preferred to go it alone.
Nationality is a God-given right, not a government hand-out!