Sunday, 2 March 2008

St David's Day Parade in Pictures


Anonymous said...

What have kilts got to do with St Davids day?

alanindyfed said...

I see. You are not aware that the Celtic peoples wear kilts?
They also have the tartan
to denote their family origins.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your photos of the Parade, w're living in Nantes and we wen't to Cardiff just for the week-end to dancing and marching for Saint David's day parade. We are members of the group "Treteau et Terroir" If you have other photos of our group, can you send them to my adress e-mail :
thank you

Montague Burton said...

Be careful.

There has been recent news from Scotland claiming exclusive rights to the word 'kilt', this, of course, includes the Welsh version, 'cilt', (please don't bother with the 'joke', we've all heard it).

Kilts must conform to a number of criteria to ensure the maintenance of their Scottish heritage.

I'm afraid that the Welsh version is simply a very modern plagiaristic attempt to create a so-called national dress for Welsh males and to make a few bob into the bargain.

It seems that the Traditional National Dress of "Whose coat is that jacket and a Dai Cap" is simply not up-market enough for the Crachach.

alanindyfed said...

So you would deny the Celts to wear their rightful traditional attire? Shame on you.

Montague Burton said...

Not at all but the clearly Scottish additions of jacket, bonnet and hose has nowt to do with Wales. There may be a couple of Welsh plaid-like materials but they were certainly never worn in the imitative manner that some Welshmen do. I've even seen skean dhus being worn as part of Welsh dress. Pathetic.

No, I would say that the Dai cap, old suit, collarless shirt, weskit and hobnails are far more redolent of Welshness than any pale imitation of Scottish national dress.

MB........Welsh male national dress is still available for fifty shillings.

Try Monty @ Oxfam.


alanindyfed said...

Your 18th Century concept of Welsh male dress won't wash today. Welshmen are exhibiting pride in their appearance and adopting the older, more traditional attire of their Celtic forebears. Remember, the "Welsh" occupied Strathclyde and Cumbria, so are entitled to this costume. The Cornish are also wearing the kilt.
I'm sorry to hear you do not like it!

Anonymous said...

Alan said.....

Remember, the "Welsh" occupied Strathclyde and Cumbria, so are entitled to this costume. The Cornish are also wearing the kilt.

Any 'occupation' took place long before the introduction of this particular style of Scottish dress.

Nevertheless, you deserve a credit for your inventiveness and attempts to rewrite history.

You'll have to do better than that, my friend.