Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Saturday's Rugby Remembrance - Wales v France

During this Saturday's Grand Slam match in Caerdydd as many as possible will take and raise Baneri Glyndŵr at the Wales Millenium Stadium in honour of Ray Gravell who at every opportunity would wear an iconic image of Baner Glyndŵr on shirts, caps or ties. So you are invited to raise Baneri Glyndŵr for Grav. Buy your Baner Glyndŵr in Caerdydd on Saturday. You can purchase them from Siop Crefftau'r Castell, opposite Castell Caerdydd. Thin gardening canes can be bought at any gardening outlet and are light and ideal to tie your flag to for waving purposes.
As a further note, Ray's two little girls will be leading the Welsh team on to the field on Saturday.

(published on request of Sian Ifan)

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