Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Disastrous Legacy of Labour Rule

It appears that the present Labour administration in Britain is out to change society, not for the better, but for the worse.
Here are just a few examples: the Labour government does not promote family life, pays family benefits to 30,000 Polish families in Poland while denying British families benefits when living overseas, and makes it very difficult and expensive for non-European spouses to obtain settlement in the UK. Anti-social behaviour, littering and vandalism are rife in Britain whereas other countries do not suffer these problems to such an extent. There has been a rise in violence among younger elements of society. Army recruiting drives are conducted to encourage youths from deprived areas who have little prospect of employment to join up and fight in foreign wars which have no relevance to the defence of the British Isles but are intended to enlarge American and British spheres of influence and economic penetration. Local democracy has been quashed by the overwhelming monetary power of big corporations and companies which have taking over the role of the councils, from running municipal and hospital car parks to maintaining houses for occupation by bailed criminal offenders.
Economic and political immigrant refugees are admitted to settle in the UK, and are then deported back to their countries of origin to suffer their fate in oppressive regimes. Millions of pounds are squandered on lavish and unnecessary projects, while much public money is siphoned off into excessive salary payouts and expenses. Social divisions are widening in Britain as Labour favours the wealthy and penalises the poor. The results of all this are plain to see : mass emigration from these shores, and a striving for independence for the people of Wales, Scotland and Cornwall to be free from government oppression and divisive policies, and the creation of a new and more equitable society in the respective nations.

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