Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The Price of Power (See new pic, below)

The price of remaining in power for Labour at the National Assembly is to join with Plaid Cymru in a coalition government. Despite the contemptuous remarks of certain sections of Labour with regard to Plaid's abilities in government, Plaid is likely to go ahead with its uncertain alliance with Labour and take its chances on the road to a referendum on a new constitution for Wales. The timing of this referendum will be critical, and those who wish for a successful outcome will need to keep their ears very close to the ground to judge the prevailing opinion of the electorate. If the referendum were held today it would be touch and go, in my view, as to whether it would succeed. Yet I see an inexorable movement among the populace towards greater devolution for Wales, as more people see the indifference of a British government, and the effectiveness of the Welsh Assembly in formulating policies and enacting laws within the boundaries of the nation.

In fact both parties, Plaid and Labour are in unison with regard to their progressive stance towards government. Both parties have their roots in socialistic principles and community values and concerns. The failing of Labour has been its lack of connection with the grass roots and its high-handed style of bureaucratic government, as well as its withdrawal of public services and mismanagement of financial resources. This is now Plaid's opportunity to redress the imbalance and to listen to and address the pressing needs of the elderly, the young and the sick in society. An old adage says :"if you can't beat them, join them", and this may prove to be the best way forward. This path is long and winding but, whichever way it leads, we will follow it, in our efforts to build a better Wales and to bring dignity and freedom to our nation and its people.


Johnny Two-Brains said...

My chin keeps hitting the edge of the table when I fall asleep with excitement.

alanindyfed said...

The answer, obviously, is to keep your chin up!