Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Road to Freedom

The road to freedom is long and winding. Sometimes it doubles back on itself but when guided by common sense and purpose it leads forward towards the re-establishment of a nation of people bound by a common culture and heritage, with its language and many of its traditions intact. Throughout the history of the last millenium there has been a relatively successful policy of 'divide and rule' followed by successive rulers of the British Isles. Those who have dared to oppose or flaunt the power of the state, and formerly the kings and queens, have been dragged along in chains, imprisoned, tortured and executed, and their lands seized and expropriated. We can recall Caradog, William Wallace, Prince Llywelyn, Padraig Pearce and others, whose names are still remembered by those with an insight into injustice and a concern for human rights and dignity.

Now, at the beginning of the new millenium, we sense that change is in the air, and that the down-trodden Celtic nations of the British Isles are experiencing an awakening and a resurgence. The visions of Saunders Lewis and Gwynfor Evans are about to be realised in the land they loved and cherished. The community of Wales is turning away from the socialist and bureaucratic policies of traditional, and particularly 'new' Labour, and sees in Plaid a party that selflessly espouses the real and pressing needs of the people of Wales. The Party of Wales is the only democratic and truly radical alternative to the political clones from over the border.
But we must not discount the shades of political opinion which range throughout the country, from the so-called right to the so-called left. Plaid must represent and embrace, and absorb, them all.

In my view, there is no reason why the Green Party, or even the Liberal and Conservative parties in Wales should not join in the push for independence. It does not have to be one party's prerogative. They may be persuaded or convinced to accept a move towards independence as it does not threaten their survival, but only the survival of the Union. If they could accept the breakup of the Union, and the formation of four nation-states within Europe, the aim of independence will be realised, and Plaid's mission accomplished. All roads lead to Rome.

Alan in Dyfed.
Porth Tywyn


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Charlie Marks said...

Welcome, and good luck with the blog. Pardon me for asking, but are you a socialist? I thought Plaid were, in which case people are turning from Labour to a socialist party. Ta.

Activist said...

Wales's history is of commutarianism and solidarity. Tribe put before individuals, a language which hasn't needed to really reflect the Anglo Saxon concept of ownership.

To suggest that right wing politics is equally of the 'Welsh Way' is a travesty of history. Wales gave birth from its history and values to radical politics and eventually socialism. There is nothing in Tory philsophy that has any heritage in Wales. If Plaid is for Wales it is against the right. Thank heavens the more principled members of Plaid are eventually making themselves heard....

alanindyfed said...
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alanindyfed said...

Plaid is a radical party and while Wales is traditionally socialist and communitarian it includes people today from all across the political spectrum. These people compose the nation, and we cannot simply eject them for their views. Hopefully after independence they will come to conform to the Welsh principles and phillosophy of life, where we were all born equal and die the same way.
Wales must truly remain an egalitarian society. Alan