Sunday, 24 June 2007

Swings and Roundabouts

Well, dyna fe, here we go again! A public survey favours a Rainbow coalition, with Rhodri Morgan as First Minister - an impossibility! It is quite obvious that the people of Wales are turning away from Labour, and are in favour of change and a new dawn for Wales.
It is all in the hands of Plaid now. Whichever way Plaid decides to vote not one of the political pundits can judge the wisdom of the decision or predict the outcome of opting for one grouping or the other. Plaid has always said it would go with what the people want. It is all in the lap of the gods.
As Labour enters a 'new era' in Westminster Labour sees its star declining in Wales. It is up to Plaid to seize its chance to take the lead as Labour falters, and claim its inheritance as the only party of Wales. Steering its course through unchartered waters will be difficult enough but it will bring with it energy with new and exciting potential, and will be the greatest adventure since its inception. The question is whether Plaid sees its best interests (which are the best interests of Wales) served by joining Labour in an uncertain coalition, or joining the other parties in opposition to Labour and risking the consequences of this action. What is certain is that Wales is changing, and is entering a new phase in its evolution as a nation among nations.


Anonymous said...

The ICM telephone Poll today showed a 41% backing for a Rainbow, and a 28% backing for the Lab/Plaid.

Let's hope Ieuan now listens to the People and turns his back to the closet Labour in the party. Wales wants to get away from another Labour adminstration.

Anonymous said...

What happened to "making a difference"? Or was that just a catchy slogan to get votes?

alanindyfed said...

No, making a difference is the aim of Plaid whether as part of a Rainbow coalition or a Red?Green alliance.
I either case Plaid can make a difference. There would be tough demands on Labour to change policies.

Iolo said...

It cracks me up when right-wingers talk about 'closet Labour' inside Plaid.

Tories who are prepared to perjure themselves by signing up for membership of Plaid as a socialist party have no moral credibility.

I think they're your actual Tories anyway.