Wednesday, 27 June 2007

If you can't stand the heat...............

.......... get out of the kitchen!

There will always be those who, when it comes to the crunch, fall away and disappear back into the wilderness, or think they can fare better somewhere else than where the action is. Wales needs staunch citizens, those who will follow the red dragon flag to the bitter end, and tread the path of glory, wherever it leads. These are the dependable souls, who put their beloved country before their own interests and opinions and who value the cause of freedom above anything else. These are the brave people that Wales needs, in its long and intricate climb to independence. Wales needs those who can stand and be counted, and who will rally to the noble cause which Plaid embodies. The really dedicated and committed supporters will not fall at the first hurdle, or the second, or the third but will press on regardless and see things through to the end.
Inevitably, there will be those who cannot stand the pace, who will disagree with decisions taken and turn away. But if they saw the stark choices clearly, and weighed up the possibilities carefully, and with honesty and with due regard and respect for the greater good, they would come to realise that loyalty to one's party and country is the guiding force behind all their motivations. History is littered with the remains of lost causes, but there are those who will always be there when the going gets tough, who will pick up the banner and carry it on to victory. These are the people Wales needs and depends on, those who are loyal and reliable and who can be trusted.
Rainbow warriors may well be disappointed with the outcome of the deliberations at the Senedd and may believe that all is lost. This is not necessarily so, as these matters cannot be predicted, and it remains to be seen whether or not the right decision was made. A similar situation arose in Ireland in 1921, yet look at Ireland today, a free and independent republic taking its place on the world's stage, a prosperous and confident land and an economic success. With wise and steady government, and some assistance from Europe, its rise has been nothing short of phenomenal. There are rainbows in Ireland too, but of a more attractive and consistent variety.
In my opinion for what it is worth our leaders have chosen wisely. Neither choice was ultimately palatable, but one has to work with facts and base decision on reality, not on preference. Time will tell, but intuitively I for one feel that the best deal has been accomplished and we will see Cymru Fydd come into being as our gift to our children, a nation reborn.


Anonymous said...

This is written in the same style as Adam Price's blog.

alanindyfed said...

It so happens that we share similar views. Is this unusual?

Anonymous said...


You have blogged very wisely and lifted the hopes of this cynical Plaidie.

Very fine words indeed and I for one am in it for the long term.

alanindyfed said...


Anonymous said...

This is an insult to all staunch plaid supporters who have always stuck by the party.
It is like telling those who do not agree with the shift to the extreme socialists they should up and go elsewhere now.

A cuckoo infiltration from Dyfed.