Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Inedible and Unpalatable

The negotiations between Plaid and Labour are very slow and tortuous, and any decision has been postponed to Wednesday.
It is obvious that many Labour members see Plaid's proposals as inedible and unpalatable, and are opposed to any suggestion of an early referendum, leading to full independence for Wales.
The other proposals concerning social and economic policies appear to be going well, and most Labour and Plaid members are in favour of these progressive issues.
The sticking point will be the path to full devolution, a Welsh parliament and home rule.
Plaid Cymru will never compromise on this, and if this fundamental requirement is not acceptable the talks are at an end and the Rainbow option is back on stream.
The latest news is that the programme for a referendum has been accepted by most Labour negotiators and will be forwarded to their general assembly for approval.


View from the Glen said...

THe trouble is rank and file labour activists use the word 'nat' with hatred. Can they be trusted on a referendum.

If a referendum was won Labour would still be in a dominant position, their opposition bemuses me on times.

Iolo said...

Of course Labour has to be dragged kicking a screaming towards a referendum. And there's no guarantee it'll work. Sure as eggs it won't happen with the Conservatives & Unionists. 1 + 1 = 2.

If Plaid can win the strongest possible commitment from Labour, it's mainly down to timing. Who'd want to lose a referendum anyway?

In the meantime 'socialism in one country' is a good way to win the voters over to more power for Wales.

alanindyfed said...

Good comment, Iolo