Friday, 22 June 2007


Whichever way one jumps there are dangers, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!
There are bound to be some who will be disappointed whatever the result.
Many Labour members will be discomforted if a Plaid/Labour coalition emerges. Plaid members who support the All Wales Accord will rue the lost opportunities presented by a united opposition to Labour. Incidentally, has anyone noticed that the the views of Plaid members are split by a North/South divide? This is not to say that the Party is divided; in unity lies strength, and in a true democracy all views are respected.
An All Wales Accord would be unthinkable to many Plaid supporters who vehemently oppose an accommodation with the Tories, with their class divisions and capitalist leanings. Rhodri Morgan favours a coalition with Plaid and this will distance his party even more from Peter Hain and Gordon Brown and the Welsh Labour M.P.'s in the Westminster Parliament. Wales needs effective government. The choice is between the Red/Green coalition, the Rainbow coalition and the Red/Yellow coalition. The issues are highly complex, and yet they provide an opportunity for the representatives of Wales to act together in the best interests of the people of Wales, no matter what the political complexion.

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