Scots firms sign China deals worth £43 million

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon opens the new Whisky Experience Centre at the Single Malt Club in Beijing. Picture: Contributed

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon opens the new Whisky Experience Centre at the Single Malt Club in Beijing. Picture: Contributed


Scottish firms have signed partnership agreements in China worth more than £43 million which are expected to create 70 jobs in Scotland.

During her trade mission to the economic superpower, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland had the expertise to contribute to and benefit from China’s continuing economic prosperity.

Scotland is well-placed to benefit from China’s strategic focus on innovation

Nicola Sturgeon
Ms Sturgeon addressed over 120 senior Chinese business people and journalists at a business event in Beijing and announced new Chinese partnership agreements signed by 10 Scottish firms.
Technology companies KAL, Care Visions and Calnex Solutions have signed trade deals, alongside energy firms SgurrEnergy Glasgow and GB Therma Chem, and information technology companies Distrify Media and
Aberdeen University, Edinburgh Napier University and English language training firm TEFL Scotland have also signed deals.
Ms Sturgeon said: “Scotland is well-placed to benefit from China’s strategic focus on innovation, with our long-standing expertise in sectors which have been identified as essential for China’s future prosperity.
“Our world-class universities and research base and an ever-growing base of innovative Scottish companies across energy, life sciences, technology, financial services and entertainment, fit well with China’s long-term investment plans for these sectors.”
Julian Taylor, executive director Asia Pacific at Scottish Development International, said: “International trade and exporting is one of the most significant ways in which companies can grow and many Scottish companies already have long-standing, profitable partnerships in China.
“Today’s new deals demonstrate the growing demand in China for Scottish expertise and quality products in a host of industry sectors, with significant opportunities for many, many more Scottish companies to realise the benefits of expansion into this market.”
In a keynote speech over the weekend, Ms Sturgeon spoke to an audience of senior women in government, academia and business and said China needed to do more to promote gender equality and women’s rights. The trade visit to China and Hong Kong is continuing today.
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28/07/2015 6:55 PM GDT
Agnes angry  Mmmm - it would appear that most of the companies on this trip specialise in IT - no wonder the Chinese were happy to sign partnership agreements. Who is going to get the most out of this, I wonder, not that I am sceptical of course.
28/07/2015 6:03 PM GDT
Sensiblepeoplehatedictatorships  Oh dear, now Kilts has been found out for plagarising us Unionist posts, he has decided to run away....

Tomorrow's headline will be "SNP moan about...."

Happened every day so far, so why change a habit?
28/07/2015 6:00 PM GDT
kiltsrus  Well cheerio unionists , what will be tomorrows headline SNP MP loses 5 pound note on tube , claims Tory MP stole it .
28/07/2015 5:50 PM GDT
Sensiblepeoplehatedictatorships  I see Kilts has been copying and pasting unionists comments and pretending they are his own..

Don't worry Kilts, we have not noticed - HONEST (snigger)...
28/07/2015 5:36 PM GDT
bear2101  she looks it because she got a free holiday and pxxxxd
28/07/2015 5:28 PM GDT
wooden spoon for salmond  Has she mentioned anything about human rights and if she has did they mention how the SNP have ignored the rights of the 63% of the electorate that rejected their 1930s style ideology.
28/07/2015 5:21 PM GDT
Paul Hollywood  Every additional job is to be welcomed but this represents an additional 7 jobs per company on average. Did it REALLY need Sturgeon to be there? Wonder what the guys from the companies who did all the spadework negotiating made of her gate crashing their party?

Reminds of the time he took off somewhere up north to celebrate the creation of something like 5 jobs.

I am pleased for the 70 who'll get these jobs but narked at how much of OUR money Sturgeon has blown on this jolly.
28/07/2015 5:06 PM GDT
BEYNO2  Whilst new business is always welcome,these are "partnership agreements",not specific sales contracts and it would be interesting to see further details -they may prove fruitful but may not be quite as wonderful as press release suggests ?

What we are not seeing is large capital investment & expansion in Scotland from established large companies/ corporations(unless i have missed the announcements??) & let's face it,what CEO would take a step into the"unknown" for his company whilst the SNP are obsessed with independence referendums ??
28/07/2015 4:40 PM GDT
Aunty Nat  Saints preserve us. This woman is just an embarresment. There she is squacking on about gender equality like some deranged post feminist throw back. If we'd sent a man perhaps he could have made it 73 jobs.
28/07/2015 4:25 PM GDT
Lochaberson  If Sturgeon's trip to promote business links in Scotland can only produce 70 jobs can we be assured that the Scottish taxpayer isn't funding some of this £43million.
I was amazed when earlier in the year the SNP gave a £1miilion plus grant to Capita to set up an office in Glasgow, why?
Taxpayers money to a company that in 2013 made £250 million profits from government contracts!!! something not right there.
28/07/2015 4:21 PM GDT
TeuchterLoon  70 new jobs? 
Any new jobs are fine, but it'll no make up for a' the jobs gone in the North Sea in the past couple o' months.
28/07/2015 4:10 PM GDT
justcolin  £43m for Scottish companies. Good. And probably a round wee few million in tax and other incomes generated from it. Nice! But she went all that way on a high profile jaunt, to cost the taxpayer thousands, all for 70 jobs? 

Could she not have sent them VisitScotland brochures?
28/07/2015 4:04 PM GDT
dweller55  Get ready with the FOI requests to find out how much this non event has cost us all. 
The SNP will no doubt try to spin and deflect to avoid publishing and when they have to you can bet it will be after the election.
28/07/2015 3:25 PM GDT
Gonzoidzz  Apparently China are cutting right back on the whisky imports as the stock market collapse highlights, did Nippy Krankie have a word about that? "Naw tae whisky sterity!"
28/07/2015 3:20 PM GDT
MrBuster  How many jobs have actually been created, new jobs not supported by the tax payer? Not hypothesis give us the number. Is it zero?