Friday, 17 July 2015

You Too Can Join The SNP - English/Welsh Welcome

Together we can make Scotland better.

Boy holding scotland flag.

Join us in shaping Scotland's future

Scotland’s political landscape has changed forever following the referendum on Scottish independence. With huge support for change in how Scotland is governed, the Scottish Parliament is ready to take the next step to gaining equality and responsibility in the modern world.
We firmly believe that the people best placed to take decisions about Scotland’s future are the people who choose to live and work in Scotland.
More and more Scots are joining the SNP in the belief that things can change - Scotland need not be governed by a ruthless Tory Government.
Now is your chance to make a real difference - join us today and help campaign for a strong SNP group in Westminster 2015.
By joining the SNP you can have a say in making Scotland all that it can be.
You can join the SNP by filling in a simple online form on our secure members web site.
Join now
What you'll receive as a member of the SNP:
  • Free personalised Membership card and welcome pack
  • Free quarterly Members newsletter keeping you up to date with all the party news
  • Vote for the selection of Parliamentary candidates and the Party leadership
  • Access to internal training courses
  • Attend National Conference and take part in SNP policy making
Existing members who wish to renew online can do so by visiting the members site.
Our constitution and code of conduct are available to download as PDFs.

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