Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Way Forward to Cymru Rhydd

From Penddu and the Act of Disunion

The Way Forward

In order for Wales to move progressively towards independence, then we will need to adress our constitutional status, by pursiung the transfer of powers from Westminster to Cardiff, and establshing the institutions neccesary to wield those powers.

However, this can not be done in isolation, and we need to make progress on two other fronts in parallel.

Firstly - the economy. An independent Wales will not succeed if we remain in our current economic mess, and we must look to build on our limited economic success stories, strengthen the weaker performing ones and identify new opportunities. It is apparent that the more successful independence movements in Europe (Catalonia, Basque, Flanders) all have strong economic bases to give themselves confidence. We can not simply say that we will become rich after independence - we must start building today.

Secondly - hearts and minds. Wales will never gain independence if its people consider themselves to be anything but Welsh. Recent polls have shown an increasing number of people who consider themselves Welsh before British, but a disappointing number still cling to the approns of the British Empire. Welsh conciousness has grown dramatically in the last few generations but it is still a work in progress and we must take every opportunity to build our nation in the hearts and minds of the people.

To achieve these two objectives it may be neccesary to discard current practices and start to think outside of the box. To challenge and cross current party battle lines and disregard political correctness. We need to shake things up!!

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