Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Prepare for a Stunning Result for the SNP

You heard it here first......

a stunning result in the Scottish Parliamentary Election for the SNP, with Alex Salmond returned as First Minister of Scotland.
In the mind of Alex Salmond, the cause of independence in Scotland is well on track since the SNP has demonstrated that it puts the welfare of the people of Scotland first.  Despite the harsh economic climate the SNP has resolutely brought forward sensible policies which have forged a new path for Scotland.
Through a combination of high wit, lively debate and great charisma Alex Salmond has gained the stature of an inspired  national leader. Now, Wales should look to Scotland for inspiration and great expectation and follow in the footsteps of the master. We who love Wales await the one who possesses that quality of leadership and determination and who can guide the nation to independence, which will come on the coat-tails of the national consciousness that epitomises the Scottish thrust towards an independent future.

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