Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Welsh Bagpipes - Lloer Dirion


Anonymous said...

like the music, like the idea of Welsh bagpipes (even if it is a slightly invented tradition - nothing wrong in that). But sandals? With socks? C'mon boys bach, music is as much about indentifying with a look and culture as much as about the music itself. Who wants to be associated with sandal-wearers? Not going to catch on.

The Bretons have their nice traditional costume, the Scots their glorious kilts. And the Welsh? Sandals with socks in Pembrokeshire!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing invented about the tradition of Welsh pipes, in fact it is Scottish Highland pipes which is 'invented'.

The pipes have been played in Wales for close to a thousand years, and have also been played in other European countries. They started they're journey probably in the middle east (during the Crusades) and travelled with the soldiers home. The pipes of the Masif Central in France are huge compared to the pipes of Wales, which are similar in design to those of Galicia.

the Uillian Pipes of Ireland are alos a 'modern' creation, born out of academic research. The Scottish Highland pipes as we know them today are the creation of the British Army.

England have several pipes as well - Leicestershire, and Northumbrian are the most well known pipes in England.

To hear Welsh pipes played at their best listen to Ceri Rhys Matthews.

alanindyfed said...

Thanks for sharing...
what about the pipes of Asturias? ;-)