Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Marching to Perdition


The Orange Order marches in Belfast only aggravate and inflame a very serious and sensitive issue in Ireland, the conflict of interests between the Republicans and the Unionists. It is time to look beyond sectarian interests and towards the reconciliation of the divided Irish citizens and the wider humanitarian aspirations which are shared by those who wish to see Ireland prosperous and united. Most people of the island regard their birthright as an Irish one and not one imposed by those from across the water. History, and particularly the historical events that took place and culminated in the Battle of the Boyne should be laid to rest. The Boyne Valley is now noted for its honey production which is as it should be, and honey is a sweetener with medicinal properties. These marches in Belfast which stir up hatred and hurtful memories should be banned in order that the process of reconciliation can continue.

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