Friday, 30 July 2010

Labour's Mismanagement Led To Spending Cuts

Scotland's Predicament as a Vassal of the British State
Commenting on the Independent Budget Review and Labour's ridiculous demand for the SNP to publish a budget without any consultation and without knowing how much money there will be in the settlement from London SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson urged Labour to face up to their responsibilities and join with the SNP to minimise the impact on jobs and services.
Mr Gibson said:  “This report exposes the true scale of the cuts Scotland will face as a result of Labour’s mismanagement of the UK economy and the Tory and Lib Dems desire to cut too quickly and deeply.
“Labour’s pathetic response fails the test of opposition – never mind government.  They are responsible for two-thirds of the cuts, and are desperate to dodge saying what they would do.    Their ridiculous notion of publishing a draft budget in September before we know what the budget is in October – a daft idea which parliament specifically rejected in a vote on 1 July – would  leave  no time to consult on any of this with anyone!
“Labour crashed the public finances – and they are left with absolutely nothing sensible to say on one of the biggest issues of our times.
“Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems have put Scotland’s public sector and our valued public services in real danger.   Labour in particular must lift their heads out of the sand, face up to the situation they created, and join a real discussion to minimise the impact on jobs and public services of Labour, Liberal and Tory cuts.
“When spending in Scotland is directly controlled by first Labour and now a Tory / Lib Dem Government in London they cannot escape responsibility for this situation.
“Labour’s long list of extra spending pledges – added to daily – must now be scrapped and they along with the other parties must set out where they stand on the review’s recommendations.
“The SNP has a long standing commitment to free personal care and concessionary travel as part of the debt we owe our older generations.
“Just as we opposed Tory plans to privatise Scotland’s water in the 1990’s we will not give way to Tory pressure to privatise Scotland’s water now – a damaging idea which the Review rejects.  The Scottish people have invested in Scottish Water and there is no good reason why the private sector should get billions of pounds in benefit from taxpayers investment.
“This report has very serious recommendations and puts the challenge Scotland faces into stark perspective.  It must be properly discussed and debated just as other parties must face up to the need for full financial responsibility in Scotland so investment in our public services is no longer left to the whims of Westminster politicians.”

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