Thursday, 13 May 2010

Unlock Democracy Welcomes Coalition

From Unlock Democracy

There is a lot in the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government agreement that Unlock Democracy warmly welcomes:

  • fixed term parliaments;

  • a right to recall corrupt MPs;

  • a statutory register of lobbyists;

  • deepening devolution in Scotland and Wales;

  • a review into how parliament should resolve the 'West Lothian Question';

  • party funding reform;

  • measures to codify British sovereignty.
We have even got concessions on electoral reform: proportional representation in a newly elected House of Lords and a referendum on whether to adopt the Alternative Vote for the House of Commons.
What we haven't got, yet, is proportional representation for the House of Commons. Unlock Democracy will not rest until we do.

1 comment:

Treckie said...

Tut tut. Cymru has been well & truly sold out. I cannot believe how politically blind people are to the nwo "common purpose" agenda that is unfolding around them. Again the politicians show their true colours (anti-welsh) towards the Cymry.
Folk who support these Westminster self appointed elite along with their false bloodlines should hang their heads in shame.

I still notice that this political nonce ring is still being covered up. Shame on all who support these monsters.

Angau’r euog ydyw’r gwir