Sunday, 22 February 2009

Governmental Effrontery

The Prime Minister has called for prudence from the banking sector and exhorts the public to save now that interest rates are practically zero, following 11 years' of extravagance, mismanagement of funds, waste and inefficiency, and squandering of resources.
Sheer effrontery.

R.C. Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor suggests that a spell of spiritual poverty and abstinence may bring about a new philosophy to replace the present hedonistic life-style and allay the ills of society.
Possibly the culture of groups such as the Amish has a great deal to commend it, but would it catch on? Doubtful! This view is not meant to be cynical but realistic.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Last of the Brits

Wherever you are from, within the British dominion, you are designated with the unpleasant, in my view, appellation of "Brit". There are Brits Abroad, Brit Awards and Brit ceremonies and references all over the media. It never used to be the case. Who are these Brits? They are Scots (e.g. Sir Sean Connery), there are Welsh (e.g. Duffy) and there are Cornish and Manx. They are lumped together with the same nomenclature (which arguably has the connotation of a racialist slur).

This is yet another, though probably minor, reason for the necessary progress towards independence for the nations of the present United Kingdom. Following the proclamation of independence in the Celtic countries there will no longer be the term "Brit", just as the people of Ireland will never be called Brit. In fact the mere thought would invoke apoplexy.
Independence Cymru calls for a campaign against this unworthy appellation and an end, in more ways than one, to the Brits.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Issue of Neutrality

The vote on the Lisbon Treaty could eventually be won by the "YES" campaigners now that certain concerns have been met by the amending of the terms. One of these is the issue of neutrality. It is important to many people in Ireland that Ireland remains a neutral country and that its neutrality be respected. Sweden is also traditionally a neutral country and therefore these countries do not generate a hate campaign from political and religious elements abroad, as Britain and the United States in particular have done in recent times,particularly with their attempt to export western-style democracy, and their support for a war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

With regard to Scotland and Wales and the movement of these two countries towards autonomy and independence within Europe it is to be hoped that they too will adopt a neutral stance, in company with their Irish cousin, and affirm their determination to maintain this state of neutrality while remaining active members of the European Union.

Friday, 13 February 2009

The Chieftains

This is Alison Krauss singing with The Chieftains

Interesting Times Indeed!

"May you live through interesting times!" is an old Chinese saying, and nothing is truer than this saying for this present age. Nothing is certain and nothing is secure and we can find this truism in the writings of Alan Watts "The Wisdom of Insecurity." The worst aspects of human nature are revealed in the events of the past decade and the present situation. Bankers are contrite and government politicians are in denial and in a state of confusion. Out of this confusion policies are instituted and laws are passed which have no relation to the real needs of society, and ideas are floated which have more in common with desperation and division than with common sense and benevolence. It is time to hold an election in Britain as the unpopularity of the government reaches new heights and its handling of affairs sinks to new depths.

Monday, 9 February 2009

A Law for Us and a Law for Them

The spectre of greed haunts and permeates society. It is endemic in the government of the country and in the institutions of the state. It is inherent in human nature and presumably has been so for time immemorial. It has been condemned by the religious and the saintly, but it continues to corrupt and exploit the society we live in. It is being exposed and opposed in the media and in the pulpit and those individuals of integrity who stand against it are the ones who should be honoured, or knighted, and not those who pander to political and commercial self-interest and self-indulgement.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Obama & Brown - the Big Difference

Barack Obama pulls no punches and tells it as it is. He says Americans must unite and work together to get through the present economic crisis.
Gordon Brown tells people what they want to hear, and will do all that it takes to get himself re-elected. Jeremy Clarkson says that Gordon Brown is an idiot. Only an idiot would vote in another idiot.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Welsh Interests or Labour's Interests

Independence Cymru's opinion is that both Labour and Conservative policy is Unionist, and it is in the interest of Unionism to deny Wales and Scotland their right to Independence. It should be clear that the British parties do not favour the break-up of the Union and would oppose any assertion of national consciousness which they regard, not as the expression of national and cultural identity, but as merely regional group differences. They fail to see that Europe and the World are in a state of structural and fundamental change.

Labour MEPs let Wales down in key vote

Plaid Cymru has criticised the two Labour MEPs from Wales for letting Wales down in a key vote in the European Parliament.

The pair failed to unite to defend Welsh interests in an important vote on the EU's future energy policies held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week. The proposals have important implications for Wales and the country's two Labour MEPs voted differently to each other.

One Labour MEP from Wales voted in favour of the proposals whilst the other abstained. Plaid opposed the proposals which do not go far enough to promote green and renewable energy but support LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) which has been hugely controversial.

A Plaid spokesperson said:

"Once again we see Labour MEPs failing to agree on major issues which are really important for Wales. They should at least be able to agree a common line on such crucially important issues for their constituents.

"This time it's on the vital question of Europe's energy policy, just a few weeks ago they couldn't agree on working time legislation. With many people across Wales struggling with their fuel bills this winter, it's a disgrace that Labour politicians can't agree a common line on how we deal with Europe's energy challenges in the future.

"We voted against these proposals, which we felt didn't do nearly enough to promote a real mix of energy sources, particularly green energy and renewables. We were also particularly unhappy with the prominence given to LNG which has been hugely controversial and unpopular in Wales.

"We've put forward concrete policies to help people with gas and electricity bills, arguing in favour of scrapping VAT on fuel to cut energy charges. All Labour MEPs have done is argue amongst themselves.

"The two Labour MEPs from Wales seem to want to have their cake and eat, and seem unable to decide between the interests of their constituents and the orders of their London bosses.

"This is unacceptable behaviour and they should explain themselves to the people of Wales."

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MEPs meeting in Strasbourg were giving their opinion on the EU's strategic energy plans (contained in the Lapperouze Report) which will be discussed at a summit of EU leaders in Brussels in March.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Scottish Budget

A week ago the Scottish budget was rejected by 65 votes to 64. Today it has been approved, and by a huge majority, with all parties except the Greens voting in favour of passing it. What was it that induced such a change of heart among the Opposition?

First, had it been defeated a second time the Scottish people would have laid the blame on the opposition, and particularly on Labour. Secondly, had it been defeated Alex Salmond and the SNP government would have called for a new election for the Scottish Parliament.

And what would this have resulted in, do you suppose? A massive vote of confidence in the governing party and a substantial increase in the return of SNP candidates to the Scottish Parliament! It is no wonder that the 33 billion pound budget was approved.

Progress towards a Totaritarian State

"Files prove that MI5 spied on SNP"

"THE SNP was spied on by British secret service agents, previously classified Government files seen by Scotland on Sunday have finally proved."

"Agents from MI5 and Special Branch infiltrated the party as part of a campaign to undermine support for Scottish independence""

In December the SNP in Glenrothes applied to the sheriff court to obtain a copy of the marked electoral register;on which officials in polling stations score out voters as they register to vote. It is the official record of who presented themselves to vote.

Candidates and their agents are allowed to see a copy of the register, which records only who voted and not how they voted.

However, after repeated requests for the document last month, Councillor John Beare, the convener of the SNP Central Fife constituency, has been told that it has gone missing.

Mr Beare said he was told renovation work has been carried out at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court and that some documentation had been removed for confidential waste disposal."

Monday, 2 February 2009

Historic Day for Wales

Courtesy Alun Ffred Jones...........
See the video:;ID=1079;lID=1

Historic Day for Future of Welsh Language

Dear Friend

Today we start another important chapter in the history of the Welsh language, and I wanted to let you know what this will mean to the people of our nation, and ask for your help in making this a reality. I have recorded a quick video message for you.

Today I have published the Welsh Language Legislative Competence Order (LCO). The order's aim is to transfer the power to legislate over the Welsh Language from Westminster to Wales. With this order we aim to achieve 3 main objectives.

1.Confirm official status for both Welsh and English.

2.Ensure Linguistic rights to Welsh speakers whilst receiving services.

3.Establishment of the post of Language Commissioner to protect these rights.

This legislation is an exciting and important milestone in the history of our language and of our nation. The people of Wales have fought tirelessly, often against all odds, on behalf of our language. What makes this such an historic event is that it will be a Welsh government, a government directly elected by the people of Wales, that will have the power to legislate on the Welsh language from now on.

You Can help us

On this historic day, some MPs and business leaders have already been vocal in their opposition to transferring the power to legislate from Westminster to Wales. Some still believe that decisions on the Welsh language should continue to be taken by themselves in London, rather than our democratically elected Assembly here in Wales. This is where we need your help. You can help us in a number of ways listed below.

For Wales

Alun Ffred Jones AM and Minister for Heritage

You Can Help.

TELL YOUR MP! - by email, phone and letter

You can write to your MP, and ask them to support the transfer of powers to legislate over the Welsh Language from Westminster to Wales. It is only right that here in Wales is the place to decide on our own language, not by MPs in London. Click here to contact your MP

Phone-ins and News programmes

It is likely that the Welsh language will be discussed on news programmes throughout today,
There's no doubt that people opposing the transfer of powers be out in force peddling myths and untruths about this issue. Help us spread the truth by listening out for discussions on the subject and contributing your views.

Richard Evans phone-in - Radio Wales
12:00 – 14:00
Call 03700 100 110 or text 81012

Taro’r Post – Radio Cymru
12:00 – 13:15 Radio Cymru
03703 500 500 or text 67500

Wales Tonight
ITV 6:00 – 6:30
Text WALES followed by message to 63332

You can also keep an eye out on the following websites, and leave your comments on their discussions boards and forums.

Wales Online (Western Mail Online)
Daily Post
Vaughan Roderick's Blog Blog Vaughan Roderick
Blog Betsan Powys Blog Betsan Powys
Bloggers4Plaid Bloggers4Plaid

Write a letter to the Press

Write to the Western Mail

Write to the Daily Post

Write to the South Wales Echo

Write to the Wales on Sunday

South Wales Argus

Write to the South Wales Evening Post

Expect chaos - Cardiff’s language legislation
February 2nd, 2009 · Posted by cambriapolitico ·

t is a sad situation when the biggest concern when Cardiff publishes a Legislative Competence Order is not its proposed contents but the changes which can be imposed on it by a “foreign” legislature.

The Assembly proudly announced this morning that it has “begun the process of applying for the right to legislate on the Welsh language to be transferred from Westminster to the National Assembly”.

The press release then reiterated the Government’s expressed intention to seek “the responsibility for legislating on the Welsh language”.

The short five-page LCO will now be handed to committees for scrutiny. But two of those committees are not in Cardiff, but in a “foreign” legislature. One of them is the Welsh Affairs Select Committee of the House of Commons,.

The big question now is how far that particular committee will go beyond its originally-intended rights; how far it will second-guess everything discussed in Cardiff; proceeding how much beyond the line taken by the House of Lords (which is also allowed to carry out parallel hearings); and how much the Conservative MPs on the Commons committee will try to impose their own political, anti-devolution views on Cardiff’s legislation.

And to what extent certain Labour MPs will tag along behind them ? Alun Michael, our former First Minister, hardly covered himself in glory in helping to deal with the recent housing LCO - which was seriously weakened after some of his questioning.

And you don’t have to offer any incentive to the two Tory members to try and wreck (in the cause of “improvement”, of course !) anything from the Assembly. Both David Davies (Monmouth) and David Jones (Clwyd West) are veteran anti-devolutionists.

As the Tory party has a manifesto commitment to prevent any Welsh-language legislation impinging on the private sector, they will believe they have a god-given to cause chaos. The rights of democracy as presented through the Welsh Assembly will, of course, have no place at all.

Already, the LCO has been grievously delayed - by Whitehall, its civil servants and ministers, we understand.

Cardiff civil servants clearly see more problems ahead. Asked in a briefing how long the LCO process will take, an official replied, “We hope it will be in place by the end of this particular Assembly.” That means May 2100 !

And that’s only the principle allowing the Assembly to pass its own laws in the area.

The actual laws - which are called Measures - will then have to start on their time-consuming passage through Cardiff.

At least - supposing the LCO gets that far (to be fair, it almost certainly will, in some form or other) - that Measure will by then be entirely in Cardiff’s hands…

There’s plenty in the LCO which could provide feeding-fodder for anti-devolutionists - such as the Western Mail’s friend David Davies. The LCO attempts to place once again under Welsh language law the host of public organisations which have been privatised.

Expect a Tory row over the extension to cover telephones and mobiles.

A change as major would place under language law any organisation receiving £200,000-a-year in public cash. That idea is taken from Ireland. That fact alone might prove a bit much for anti-Assembly MPs to swallow.

As in on cue, the Assembly’s Tories put out a statement saying they did not want to see “any barriers erected to businesses…particularly at a time of economic recession”.

Plaid’s Dai Lloyd (South West) give the official response - the LCO deals with “large private sector companies”, and not “smaller businesses”.

Has Dai Jones in Clwyd West heard ?