Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Issue of Neutrality

The vote on the Lisbon Treaty could eventually be won by the "YES" campaigners now that certain concerns have been met by the amending of the terms. One of these is the issue of neutrality. It is important to many people in Ireland that Ireland remains a neutral country and that its neutrality be respected. Sweden is also traditionally a neutral country and therefore these countries do not generate a hate campaign from political and religious elements abroad, as Britain and the United States in particular have done in recent times,particularly with their attempt to export western-style democracy, and their support for a war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

With regard to Scotland and Wales and the movement of these two countries towards autonomy and independence within Europe it is to be hoped that they too will adopt a neutral stance, in company with their Irish cousin, and affirm their determination to maintain this state of neutrality while remaining active members of the European Union.

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