Thursday, 19 February 2009

Last of the Brits

Wherever you are from, within the British dominion, you are designated with the unpleasant, in my view, appellation of "Brit". There are Brits Abroad, Brit Awards and Brit ceremonies and references all over the media. It never used to be the case. Who are these Brits? They are Scots (e.g. Sir Sean Connery), there are Welsh (e.g. Duffy) and there are Cornish and Manx. They are lumped together with the same nomenclature (which arguably has the connotation of a racialist slur).

This is yet another, though probably minor, reason for the necessary progress towards independence for the nations of the present United Kingdom. Following the proclamation of independence in the Celtic countries there will no longer be the term "Brit", just as the people of Ireland will never be called Brit. In fact the mere thought would invoke apoplexy.
Independence Cymru calls for a campaign against this unworthy appellation and an end, in more ways than one, to the Brits.

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