Thursday, 5 February 2009

Welsh Interests or Labour's Interests

Independence Cymru's opinion is that both Labour and Conservative policy is Unionist, and it is in the interest of Unionism to deny Wales and Scotland their right to Independence. It should be clear that the British parties do not favour the break-up of the Union and would oppose any assertion of national consciousness which they regard, not as the expression of national and cultural identity, but as merely regional group differences. They fail to see that Europe and the World are in a state of structural and fundamental change.

Labour MEPs let Wales down in key vote

Plaid Cymru has criticised the two Labour MEPs from Wales for letting Wales down in a key vote in the European Parliament.

The pair failed to unite to defend Welsh interests in an important vote on the EU's future energy policies held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week. The proposals have important implications for Wales and the country's two Labour MEPs voted differently to each other.

One Labour MEP from Wales voted in favour of the proposals whilst the other abstained. Plaid opposed the proposals which do not go far enough to promote green and renewable energy but support LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) which has been hugely controversial.

A Plaid spokesperson said:

"Once again we see Labour MEPs failing to agree on major issues which are really important for Wales. They should at least be able to agree a common line on such crucially important issues for their constituents.

"This time it's on the vital question of Europe's energy policy, just a few weeks ago they couldn't agree on working time legislation. With many people across Wales struggling with their fuel bills this winter, it's a disgrace that Labour politicians can't agree a common line on how we deal with Europe's energy challenges in the future.

"We voted against these proposals, which we felt didn't do nearly enough to promote a real mix of energy sources, particularly green energy and renewables. We were also particularly unhappy with the prominence given to LNG which has been hugely controversial and unpopular in Wales.

"We've put forward concrete policies to help people with gas and electricity bills, arguing in favour of scrapping VAT on fuel to cut energy charges. All Labour MEPs have done is argue amongst themselves.

"The two Labour MEPs from Wales seem to want to have their cake and eat, and seem unable to decide between the interests of their constituents and the orders of their London bosses.

"This is unacceptable behaviour and they should explain themselves to the people of Wales."

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MEPs meeting in Strasbourg were giving their opinion on the EU's strategic energy plans (contained in the Lapperouze Report) which will be discussed at a summit of EU leaders in Brussels in March.

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