Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Welsh EU President...why not?


It is not inconceivable that some day in the future the EU will have a Welsh president. The European Union is made up of diverse countries, some large and some small. Belgium has a population of 10 million + and other nations in Europe are smaller but are no less capable of producing statesmen who may rise to high office in the EU.


Anonymous said...

Neither is it inconceivable that some day in the future, that the EU may have pigs that fly.

Unknown said...

On the contrary!
It is a well-known scientific fact that pigs cannot fly.

Pelagius said...

You are quite right of course. And unlike the British nominee, they are not likely to be a war-monger on the make.

Pelagius said...

Further, I hear today that Jill Evans MEP has called for the new vice-president of the commission - and therefore the UK commissioner - Catherine Ashton, to be cross-questioned by the National Assembly. To be fair, she wants her to appear before the Scottish parliament and the NI assembly too.

Wonder if the AMs are up for that?