Monday, 2 November 2009

Backing the Wrong Horse - Lib Dems

From Welsh Ramblings:

Scottish Lib Dems bottle it

Posted by Welsh Ramblings on Monday, 2 November 2009
The Scottish branch of the Liberal Democrats have bottled their idea of supporting their alleged "democratic" principles by announcing that they will in fact not vote alongside the SNP to allow the Scottish people a referendum to determine their future.

The Scottish Lib Dems are apparently divided on the issue with a number of principled MSPs wanting to take the position of backing a referendum and then campaigning for the 'no' vote. Although this blog disagrees with such a position, it is an entirely valid and just one, and is in keeping with the ideals that Lib Dems talk about.

However, as is so often seen with Liberal Democrats, the leadership are more intent on doing the bidding of their London-based masters. They will now vote to deny the Scottish people the right of self-determination. This is a right enshrined in international law. If the case for the Union is so strong then the Scottish people should be allowed to make their choice and put the question to bed for now.

Obviously, the case is not as strong as they would like people to think.

No wonder the Liberal Democrats are rapidly losing support across all three countries of Britain. They supported Labour in the Scottish parliament, they failed Wales in the Welsh Assembly elections and they are now in complete disarray with no coherent policy with regard to the future of the constitution. Come the election they will be hard put to maintain their present number of MPs and the indications are that they will lose heavily. They should make a U-turn, show some spirit and daring, and back the right horse!

"Is it time for the Scottish Lib Dems to back an independence referendum?" They didn't, and now they will tear themselves apart.

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