Monday, 30 November 2009

Global Warming, Copenhagen and Wales

Welsh families’ climate change confusion

ALMOST all Welsh families fear the effects of climate change but many feel powerless to do anything about it, according to a new survey.
Many are confused by endless reports of global warming and are unsure what they can do to stop it.

From a report on climate change:

Since 1750 the electromagnetic radiation of the Sun has increased significantly, as indicated by the sunspot record. This increased electromagnetic radiation is considered by the author and others to be the real cause of global warming. The examination of the annual temperature records of the northern and southern hemispheres shows a sharp change and major increases since 1978, especially in the northern hemisphere. This is the so-called hockey stick effect, which the author concludes is not due to the influence of Man, and probably due to a change in the geothermal regime of heat flow from the fracture zones in the floor of the northern oceans. There is some confirmation of this in recent sea floor explorations. The role of atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane is considered in relation to claims that emissions by Man are causing global warming. It is shown that the increased warming is due to the Sun, and that the consequent warming of the oceans is causing the ex-solution of carbon dioxide and methane from the oceans, simply due to the decreasing solubility of these gases in sea water with increasing ocean temperatures. The extensive exploitation of groundwater around the world over the past century, at rates far in excess of possible recharge, has created a net addition to the hydrosphere commensurate with the apparent rise in sea levels over the past century. There is deadly pollution in the atmosphere over many world cities and industrial regions. These are local and regional matters, and should be corrected at the sources of pollution. Air pollution and global warming are scientifically separate matters.

If in fact Man is not the cause of the change in the Earth's climate, which is becoming more and more evident. and it is a cause of a natural but unpredictable cycle, does it mean that we can cease our global efforts to cut down carbon emissions, cease developing alternative forms of energy and continue with the use of carbon fuels and nuclear power? The answer is : No.

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