Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Iraq War Inquiry

Run this scenario past your eyes.....

After the Gulf War is halted following the liberation of Kuwait the United States government is determined to topple Saddam Hussein. So two years before the invasion of Kuwait the U.S. government in collusion with Tony Blair and the British government begins making preparations to invade. As this will be deemed an illegal act by the United Nations it has to be justified in order to gain the support of the American and British public. The public is fed the information, therefore, that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and is intent on using them against his neighbours. Great efforts are made by UN-appointed weapons inspectors to ascertain the presence of WMD.

Whether or not Saddam Hussein is bluffing, it suits the allies to disseminate this concocted story of the threat of WMD and convince the public of its veracity. That will be the excuse to invade and topple the Iraqi President. In the event the plan succeeds and Saddam Hussein is toppled and finally caught and hanged, although little thought is given to securing and administrating the capital and country immediately following the invasion. When it is finally revealed that Hussein had no WMD the plan begins to unravel, though now the initial aim has been achieved, yet at great cost in terms of American, British and Iraqi lives, as well as in money and the allies' reputation, as sectarian unrest escalates and bombings become frequent and endemic. Thus, Iraq has yet to be "made safe for democracy" in the eyes of those who believe democracy to be a stabilising force in the Middle East.

Does this sound plausible to you? Comments please....

Of Concern to Wales

Now read this.....
Will Peter Hain be remembered for scuppering the Welsh Assembly's commitment to the holding of a referendum for a Welsh Parliament?


bored of politicians said...
the Labour party putting their own selfish self interests above Wales's, surely not.

I bet Peter Hain can't control his joy this evening at getting another one over Plaid Cymru, the sooner that man loses his Ministerial job and his seat the better Welsh politics will be.

24 November 2009 17:32
Anonymous said...
No, Plaid will not stand for it. There is no ways on hell's earth that the membership would agree to it and I doubt that Ieuan would either. By Christmas, Labour may not only need a new leader, but also a new government.

24 November 2009 17:00
Valleys Mam said...
Time for Plaid to grow up an be a government challenge Labour, bang the table stop being so nicey nicey
Its not getting them anywhere They would get more respect if they acted like they are in government and not like whipping boys

24 November 2009 17:42
Draig said...
Anon is right. If Plaid's leadership bottle this there will be open revolution in the ranks, and they know it.

24 November 2009 17:59
Anonymous said...
Dai Lloyd well and truly banged the table in FMQs!

Rhodri backed down on this but if the next FM stalls or goes with Hain, Plaid will pull out!

24 November 2009 17:57
Tomos said...
Good on Dai Lloyd I heard Nerys was forthright too
Helen Mary was just on TV being very much the oil on troubled waters
She has changed

24 November 2009 18:17
Anonymous said...
Fair play to IWJ. He called Labour's bluff and they stepped back. However, what were Labour playing at to allow Hain to pull such a stunt? The sooner we have a proper Parliament and less reliance on Labour MPs, the better.

24 November 2009 18:18
A Change of Personnel said...
it will be interesting to see how Peter Hain plays this when he is in the Assembly tomorrow for the debate on the Queen's Speech.

Will he back down or keep up the pressure on Plaid Cymru and will he talk to he media who i'm sure will have a few questions for him?

"Independence Cymru" Comment:
Plaid Cymru - stand firm, and if necessary: disband the coalition!

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