Monday, 30 November 2009

Global Warming, Copenhagen and Wales

We assume that the Earth is eternally permanent and dependable but in reality we live on a constantly changing and evolving planet with a shifting unpredictable climate where nothing is forever and anything can happen at any time. It is necessary to accept the wisdom of insecurity and live as though today will be the last.

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Anonymous said...

The truth is that nothing remains constant and nothing escapes change. The current initiative to redistribute global wealth using the so-called climate change hypothesis as the excuse is clearly tantamount to fraud as NOTHING has been proven and the whole exercise is an example of the unscrululous leading the gullible.

Crone and Milankovich etablished decades ago that climate was affected by changes to the orbit and inclination of the earth. Those obsevations have been confirmed over thousands of years using tree ring and sedimentation evidence; moreover, it has also been shown that changes in the so-called solar "constant" which are related to changes in the sun's magnetic field and to the activities known as "flares", have also affected earth's climate cyclically and in a non-linear manner. Man has had little or nothing to do with these events. The NATURAL cycles created by one system have been imposed on cycles from a separate system creating what appears to random and chaotic results. Obviously nature itself constitutes an "inconvenient truth" -- a truth which has clearly escaped the notice of simpletons such as Mr Al Gore.