Sunday, 15 November 2009

Britain, the thorn in the side of Europe

"Britain’s luck may be on the wane. The political and legal problems associated with its half-in, half-out status are growing."


From: "British Nationalists in Wales - Watch" blog

What's the Point of Britain?
Interesting article in The Times by Rachel Sylvester on 1 September. Now that Britain is just a medium-sized state why stick with it? Whatever your view on the Lockerbie Bomber decision it's interesting to note two facts. It took a Scottish Parliament Minister to stand up to the Americans in a way the 'Brits' never would, what Blair called the 'Love Actually moment' and related to that, the general increasing irrelevance of, or irritation with, Britain which the US feels.

Now that Britain can't offer the glory which always attracts a type of person who just like to be on the winning side, then what does Britain offer? Unlike a Welsh or Irish or Estonian state which are there to foster and promote weaker cultures and languages, the most appealing parts of British identity - comedy and popular music are independent of needing a state. After all, would the independence of four Britannic nations undermine 'British' comedy or pop music? Hardly ... it would probably strengthen it if anything. So, why stick with Britain?

Basically, there's nothing a British state can do which a Welsh or Scottish one can't do just as well or better. Now that the glory and prestige once attached to it is fading it will lose the affection of those fickle people who want to associate themselves with it. There is no point to Britain!

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Comment: the obvious solution to the invidious state of Britain is for the nations of Britain to rule themselves, which they would do far more effectively and a good deal more democratically. The other alternative is for Wales and Scotland to colonise England ;-) and govern the country from Edinburgh. I have no doubt Alex Salmond would oblige.

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Wales and Scotland can never be independent, as the main political parties would be shown up to be the incompetent clowns they are. That must never happen!