Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Steps Towards the Inevitable

One small step for man....
One giant leap towards a United Ireland.

A United Ireland: How Do We Get There?
St. Anne's Hall - San Francisco, CA
Gerry Adams is joined by internationally acclaimed actress Fionnoula Flanagan, Chair of the California Democratic Party John Burton, renowned Irish artist Robert Ballagh and noted Irish historian Ruan O'Donnell, head of the History Department of Limerick University.

This was an open forum to encourage dialog about how best to achieve a United Ireland. Members of the audience were encouraged to offer ideas.

Dear Friends and supporters,

The highly successful open forum hosted in San Francisco on June 27th is now available for viewing free at FORA.tv click on the link above. Also I would recommend saving the link as this is an outstanding source of information on the topic of a United Ireland. If your were present at the event this is an excellent opportunity to recap on all the points that were made and addressed by the speakers, it is also a great opportunity to share this event with your co workers, friends and family and encourage them to support our goal of "A United Ireland" by joining our email list by sending their email info to sffoui@gmail.com. This is a small part and very simple to do, please forward this to your contacts now. Thank you.



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