Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Scotland, I can see the future

For Scotland also read Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, Ulster.

It is the British, by whom I mean the Welsh, Scots and Cornish and Mannians, who are the denizens of culture in these islands. The English gave up theirs years ago and retain only the Morris Dancers, the Mummers and the Clog dancers of Lancashire, but little else.

British culture and traditions are the preserve of the Celtic periphery. Even the Northumbrian pipers are essentially Scottish (or British), and the English employ Scottish pipers to lead them into battle and play the bagpipes at expatriate embassy garden parties.


kerdasi amaq said...

That was explosive. As one great Irishman said "while England explains the futility of force by others: it is the only argument to which she listens".

The real challenge facing nationalists in Britain, isn't winning seats in elections, it is to build up a society which can function independently of the two main sovereign political parties in Britain and from which the partisans of these political parties are rigorously frozen out. The attack dogs of the British establishment.

MECCAnopsis Cambrica said...

Many nationalists will appreciate the sentiment of much on this video but the comment @ 2:48 is bang out of order:

"As we well know other races hold their ethnic, cultural, and religious ideals above all else, so much so that they are willing to commit murder on our shores."

Firstly, it’s only SOME individuals (thankfully a tiny minority), certainly not entire races.

Secondly, has the video maker considered that the heinous crimes of such individuals are anathema to their religious ideals?

Finally, as recent events illustrate, amongst our own white race there are similarly twisted individuals willing to commit murder on our shores:

Here (300 weapons + 80 bombs):

Here (chemical weapons):

and even in Scotland, here (beheadings):