Thursday, 30 July 2009

Building up a Cornish National Infrastructure petition.
This morning the online petition total is: 2214
But this figure won’t be nearly enough if we are to convince the Council that there is enough SUPPORT for a modern, multi-functional stadium throughout the Duchy. Our councillors will not see it as a viable proposition and nothing will happen.
The S4C campaign group realises that a figure of over 20,000 signatures would be required in making the Council sit-up and take notice.
IF there are enough people in Cornwall who WANT a Stadium, then surely from a population of over 500,000 it shouldn’t be a problem - and apathy should not be an option!
This is achievable!
If all of us who signed the petition ask just ten friends to do the same - and for those friends to ask another 10 friends - we would make a total of over 20,000!
It is therefore vital that we must:
Encourage ALL family, friends and workmates to sign the online petition.
Email all the contacts in our address book.
Put a link to the S4C website on all our emails and social networking groups/forums. -Twitter/Face book etc:
This is a must for Cornwall and our young people. A telling comment taken from the petition (No 2131) is by James Alexander of Newquay:
‘I am at Truro College studying sport. Please give some serious consideration to this petition. We deserve as good as the rest of the country, yet we have to travel 100’s of miles to stadium out of County to progress in our sports’.
Please insert this link in all your emails:
Again, thank you for your continuing support.
Kind regards,
S4C Campaign

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