Saturday, 4 July 2009

Something To Think About

Rally for a Change – Thursday 9 July

Vote for Change is an exciting new campaign that’s pulling together a coalition of organisations, including Unlock Democracy, to campaign for a change in the way we elect our politicians.

For too long now, British politicians have abused their position of power. In part, that’s been due to the way they’re elected – our system isn’t representative and it’s completely out of date. Changing the system is the only way to make sure this abuse can’t continue.

Did you know that not one MP was elected by a majority of their constituents? How can we have a politics that truly represents the views and interests of the people if the views of the minority hold sway?

We’re supporting Vote for a Change’s campaign for a referendum on reforming the voting system to be held at the same time as the General Election next year. To kick off their campaign, they’re holding a Rally for a Change in London on July 9th at 6.30pm. There will be music from Billy Bragg and a surprise guest, poetry from Dave Neita and a chance to put some politicians on the spot – including Jo Swinson MP (Lib Dem), Peter Tatchell (Green Party) and Gerald Batten MEP (UKIP) as well as speeches from Dave Rowntree (Blur) and Oona King.

For more information and to sign up for five free tickets, Email:

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socko-san said...

first past the post only works fairly, when there are two candidates standing for election.

Dave said...

Hi Alan, could you email me at