Monday, 13 July 2009

The People's Nation States

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See "Protecting the Union"

John Dixon writes: 'sovereignty' belongs to all of us as citizens; it is for us to determine how much of it we allow any body to exercise. It follows that self-government for Wales is ours as of right, any time the majority of us choose it, and no parliament has the right to deny it if that is what we choose. Melding is not the first 'unionist' to recognise the validity of that viewpoint; but most others seem reluctant to follow that path.

The significance of that alternative approach to 'sovereignty' is both simple and fundamental. Accepting that it's for the people to choose means that the debate about the future of Wales can focus where it should be - on why people should make one choice or the other, rather than on axiomatic statements from both sides which presuppose that one unit is the 'right' one now and for all time.

Truly, sovereignty in the 21st Century resides with the people.
This was not the case in previous centuries in the history of an evolving Britain.
This flawed "unwritten" constitution which we have inherited is in need of revision and drastic overhaul. The incoming Conservative government should make it one of their immediate priorities.

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