Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Tomorrow Vote, Vote, Vote for Change

Vote Plaid Cymru

Vote Plaid and no other.

Your vote is a vote for Wales/Cymru


Sunday, 27 April 2008

Commenter Irons Out Misconceptions

NitroTab has left a new comment on your post "An English Village Votes to be Welsh":

Anon 1:

The British state was just an apparatus for the English Elite and Royals to consolidate their control over all the nations/peoples of these isles. Britain, like France and Spain, is not a proper country in the same sense that Wales and England are, it's an artificially created state made up out of 4 nations: Cornwall, England, Scotland and Wales (I never mentioned NI because I don't consider it a nation in it's own right but rather a part of Southern Ireland).

An English Village Votes to be Welsh

Following the desire of the citizens of Berwick to wish to become part of Scotland
an English village would like to join Wales.

Click HERE to read all about it and watch a video.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Patagonia Eisteddfod Video

To watch the video of the Patagonia Eisteddfod, please click HERE.

Independence Cymru Seeks a Public Apology for Wales

Paste in the Link :

An apology is overdue for the wrongs perpetrated by generations of Royalty and British government towards the people of Wales. The nation of Wales has been systematically infiltrated, divided and turned against itself by policies which attempted to eradicate the language, traditions and individual character of the Welsh people, who are distinctive and unique, just as their fellow Celts are proud, individual and unique in Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall and the Isle of Man.

For years the youth of Wales have been drawn into foreign wars on foreign soil fighting for a foreign power for foreign domination. They have been condemned to work underground in terrible conditions for a pittance to satisfy the desires of the captains of industry. The resources of Wales have been shipped across the world to feed the growth of commercial interests which have not benefitted the communities which gave their labour and their lives in exchange for food and shelter. There is another side to the vaunted glories of the British Empire. It concerns sustained emigration, to Patagonia, America, Australia and other faraway lands, to escape persecution, degradation, humiliation and neglect. The history books read in the schools of Wales are in need of revision, to reflect the unbiased truth of historical fact.

The people of Wales have long been deluded. It is time to awaken to truth and justice. Independence Cymru seeks a public apology for Wales and its people!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Wales Needs Neither of these Politicians

Brown and Cameron are on their way to Wales, to attempt to persuade the voters to cast their vote for right wing Labour and right wing Conservative politicians.
They are wasting their time in Wales. Wales has its own party and its own agenda, which will not be deterred. Wales is going its own way and carving out its own future. The British parties have no relevance to the true interests of Wales and the Welsh people. It is better that these British politicians are turned back at the border, or sent packing back to their sumptious London residences. Neither party represents the radical and socialist traditions which the people of Wales espouse and call their own. The Party of Wales offers its people the will and determination to restore true Welsh values and save communities from further disintegration.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Bring Sir Gaerfyrddin Back into the Fold

Carmarthen County Council has been ruled by a Junta of Labour and Independent Councillors for four years. As a result Plaid has been powerless to resist the
policies which are destroying communities and assisting in their fragmentation.
The situation has to be reversed to protect communities and halt the decline in services and the growth of insensitive building development. There is a video
on the following website which tells you more.....

Follow this link to learn more:

A Note for St George´s Day

St George was not English nor even British, but somehow he came to be adopted as the English patron saint.

Be that as it may, English national identity is on the rise. More and more Englishmen (Saeson/Sassenach) are affirming their English identity and discarding their British. The flag of St George is beginning to be seen in the streets and draped from the windows of houses in England at times of English national fervour. Nascent parties are emerging in England - EIP,EDP etc.- which recognise that Btitain is unravelling, and the illusion of Britishness is increasingly exposed.

The peoples of the British Isles belong to separate national groupings and it was always so. British identity was a veneer which served its purposes leading to Britain becoming a world power (but yet a colonialist power). The times have changed and now the time comes to move on and face reality in the 21st Century. The glory days of Britain are over, Mr Blair!

The Vengeance of Big Brother and his Friends

Overloaded dustbins, smoking in a taxi cab... incurring hefty fines......
I am not in favour of smoking in public, and hate to see streets covered with litter,
but the snoopers have no right to curtail individual freedom or invade privacy (asking questions about one´s sex life etc.). We can expect more of this before the public rise up in revolt (i.e. assuming they have the courage or the inclination to do so). If you wish to tax anything tax apathy. Furthermore, go out and vote on May 1st. We need to reverse these unhealthy trends in society.

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Monday, 21 April 2008

Scots Wha' Hae Wi' Wallace Bled

Subject: Online Berwick Poll (please vote)
from Rhobert ap Steffan

There is a poll on Berwick in the local paper. The Berwick Advertiser and ITV have both previously conducted polls (not online!) which demonstrated clear local support for going back into Scotland. (Berwick only officially became part of "England" in the 1880s)

" Do you think the Lords were right to dismiss Berwick going into Scotland?"

Poll is on right hand side of the page, and if you support Berwick coming back into Scotland, you want "no", since it says "were the Lords *right*" etc.
Various English "nationalists" groups have been voting on this, so perhaps, you might want a vote yourself. Vote early vote often. ;)

Click on the link: BERWICK ADVERTISER

Bloggers' Predictions

OK, Ordovicius, if we are in the game of predictions for the May elections,without being rash I predict that Plaid will gain 28 seats in the Carmarthenshire County Council, provided that everyone who supports Plaid turns out to vote, and provided that many former Labour voters abstain, which appears to be highly likely considering the degree of resentment prevailing amongst the public.

Thus Plaid will increase its number of councillors from 16 to 28, and this will fall short of a majority, but the number of Labour and Independent councillors, now in close alliance, will be cut from 56 and this will really and truly make a difference.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Belief Confuses, Truth Liberates

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates (470-399 BCE)

Socrates’ insight that we must reflect upon the life we live was partly inspired by the famous phrase inscribed at the shrine of the oracle at Delphi, “Know thyself.” The key to finding value in the prophecies of the oracle was self-knowledge, not a decoder ring.

Socrates felt so passionately about the value of self-examination that he closely examined not only his own beliefs and values but those of others as well. More precisely, through his relentless questioning, he forced people to examine their own beliefs. He saw the citizens of his beloved Athens sleepwalking through life, living only for money, power, and fame, so he became famous trying to help them. He was rewarded by being put to death.

In the context of present-day Wales the public has been sleep-walking under Labour
and the time has come to waken to the reality of a resurgent Welsh nation poised to meet its destiny.

Alan in Dyfed

Preserving Wales' Historic Buildings

As our communities disintegrate, along with our traditional time-worn community spirit, as more and more faceless and sterile housing developments and ill-considered planning decisions are foisted upon us over which there is no recourse, money being the name of the game, why is the organisation CADW - set up to conserve and maintain our unique heritage - unable or unwilling or just plain powerless to step in and put a stop the deterioration and destruction of our historic and industrial fabric?

Click HERE to read more on this topic of concern to environmentalists and conservationists throughout the nation.

Labour the inner demons

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Canvassers Face All Kinds of Situations

Canvassing for the May Elections for seats at local and county councils elections is not without its dangers and hairy incidents. In general the reception one receives is useful and positive and quite encouraging, and interesting and stimulating discussions take place which at worst hold up the canvasser anxious to complete his/her assigned itinerary before sundown. There are, however, moments of trepidation and even dangers ranging from fierce dogs to outright physical assault.

At times the householder's dog hurls itself at the door and devours the proffered campaign pamphlet the instant it is inserted into the letter box. Another hazard is the letterboxes with a spring-loaded flap which grips the fingers like a vice-like mouse trap from which it is difficult to extract the hand. In other cases the residents are obviously at home but do not deign to answer the door, or they answer the door and glare at the canvasser as if he were at the least an unwelcome intruder, and at the most a sworn enemy, at the same time suggesting that the persuasive political pamphlet, if taken, would be destined for the litter bin. There is a fair amount of apathy among the electors whose ancestors may have fought so bravely to gain the right to vote, and there is a definite and widespread distrust of politicians who are blamed for the mess in which we all now find ourselves. Yet the majority of potential voters are well aware who deserves the bulk of their wrath and the magnitude of their blame.

Nevertheless the intrepid canvasser proceeds regardless content that his/her efforts will make a difference and survives the experience to live another day, a day when Wales (or Cymru) comes into its own.

The Kind of Thoughtful Comment I Like to Read

I've just read the comments by Robert Willis in 'A View from America' and would like to make a few observations (I have been an active member of the Scottish National Party for over 33 years). He asks 'You say that one is either a Unionist, or a Nationalist. Is it really just that simple; is it that black or white?'. The answer to that question is quite simply 'YES'. He also asks 'Have you never heard of concepts such as devolution or decentralization?' - so what's the name of the process that established the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and the Assembly in Northern Ireland. There were also referenda in Scotland and Wales on devolution in 1978. With regard to the European Union versus the British Union (particularly in terms of Scottish history) the British Union was established despite the views of the people of Scotland (there were widespread riots throughout Scotland when the Treaty of Union of 1707 was agreed) whereas continued membership of the European Union would be subject to the consent of the people. A few years ago a Scotsman passing through immigration on entering the United States had to say that he was British to satisfy the immigration officer when he would have preferred to say that he was Scottish.

by Michael Follon

Welsh/Cymraeg, the Language of Cymru Fydd

Microsoft backs Welsh language

Apr 17 2008 by David Williamson, Western Mail

Computing giant Microsoft yesterday launched a Welsh language digital literacy initiative.

It follows a £50,000 investment and is intended to help adult and school-age users learn key computer skills.

Microsoft’s Kristen Weatherby said: “[This] will provide those people currently learning the Welsh language and existing speakers the essential tools to succeed in today’s knowledge-driven economy. We are proud to be working with the Welsh Assembly Government to help build a digitally literate workforce in Wales that is highly skilled and globally competitive.”

Education minister Jane Hutt said: “It is a tribute to how far the Welsh language has come in a short period of time that Microsoft has made it the first minority language to be used in such a scheme.”

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Support for the Welsh Language

Support has come for the learning of Welsh from the LibDem leader Nick Clegg, who speaks 5 languages. Now Wales needs Nick Clegg to back full law-making powers for Wales leading on to a Welsh Parliament and independent status.
See HERE for more on this story.

You've Heard of "People Power"...............

Monday, 14 April 2008

A Potent Symbol of Peace

The Peace Symbol Turns 50

Washington Post | Paul Farhi | April 4, 2008 12:49 AM

The peace symbol -- three simple lines within a circle -- turns 50 today. It's had a colorful and often turbulent life, which is odd considering that it's supposed to symbolize, you know, peace.

Unveiled at a British ban-the-bomb rally on April 4, 1958, the peace symbol's peak of potency was in the 1960s, when it was the emblem of the anti-Vietnam War movement and all things groovily counterculture. (Said its late creator, British graphic designer Gerald Holtom: "I drew myself . . . a man in despair . . . put a circle around it to represent the world.") The symbol has marched in service of many causes over the years: civil rights, women's rights, environmentalism, gay rights, anti-apartheid, the nuclear-freeze movement and the latter-day antiwar crowd.

Peace only comes when we are at peace within ourselves.
Alan in Dyfed

Freedom, Dignity and Democracy

This is a "must see"

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Voices in the Wilderness

It appears that there is an extended freeze on some of the blogs, or could it be that the authors have already gone into recession? Whatever may be the case this blog and a few others plough the furrow towards the prospect of a future Wales, and in our view along the rocky road to independence. There are times, however, where a rest along the wayside is a welcome proposition, to review and consolidate and prepare for the next political onslaught. Soon the cyberways will once again be busy, with the campaigns for the May elections, when Labour will be well and truly trounced to the point of capitulation. Any party which pulls up its roots as radically as this party has done since 1997 deserves to suffer a loss of confidence as it becomes more and more fragmented and diverges from the unconsidered demands of the electorate.

Now it is the Archbishop of Wales who voices the concerns of the public and seeks full law-making powers for Wales, which is in effect a clarion call for the establishment of an independent Welsh Parliament as Scotland has. In many ways Wales lags behind in the progress of devolution, as Scotland and now northern Ireland forge ahead, supported at the grass-roots level. We need more of these voices in the wilderness to awaken the politicians to the reality of the present-day situation which is rapidly leading to a family of independent nations in a European federation, governed politically and economically through representation in a European Parliament. As such, Cymru will be a constituent nation of the EU and not an adjunct of Britain.

Welsh harp music

Relax and enjoy

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Poem - The Dance

The Dance

Are you still dancing

Across the pages of the Web,

Where thought spins ever-decreasing circles,

And words spill like matchsticks

On empty ears?

Whatever happens to those words

Scattered in poetic juxtaposition,

And strewn around the archives of the blogs

Which flame and fall like shooting stars

And then expire?

Or are you dancing to a different tune,

Where words and thoughts do not proliferate,

Where dance becomes the vehicle

Of the soul, and so inflames the being

With lust for life?

by Alan in Dyfed

Taxed and Taxed and Taxed Again

Council tax ‘stealth’ tactics hike up bills

Apr 12 2008 by Martin Shipton, Western Mail

SHOCKING new figures last night prompted accusations that thousands of council tax bills in Wales are being increased by stealth.

It has been revealed that a staggering 24,000 homes in Wales have been rebanded for the second time in three years – a move likely to mean a rise in bills for many.

Plaid Cymru’s chief executive said the action by the Valuation Office Agency was “completely unacceptable”. The Agency insisted it had acted properly.

Click HERE for more on the tax burden

Friday, 11 April 2008

Uncertainty about Plaid Admission to Lords

Plaid trio in the dark over House of Lords admission

Apr 11 2008 by Martin Shipton, Western Mail

SERIOUS doubts have been raised about when – and even whether – Dafydd Wigley and two other Plaid Cymru nominees for seats in the House of Lords will be admitted to the upper chamber.

Since an internal party election in January resulted in the former Plaid president being nominated together with Eurfyl ap Gwilym, the party’s economics adviser, and former AM Janet Davies, no progress has been made over getting them into the Lords.

Click HERE to read the rest of the story.....

Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Archbishop Speaks Out for Independence*

*i.e. independent law-making powers.

The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, has spoken out for full law-making powers for Wales. He has every right to do so, for religion is a part of life and cannot be divorced from it. Religion is a regulator, ensuring that human values are nourished and maintained. Religion, spirituality and politics are all necessary to sustain the way in which life functions for the benefit of the whole community, and to guide our human affairs, as well as upholding justice and equity. When the Archbishop speaks about law-making powers for Wales he is not adopting a political position but rather a judicial and humanitarian view, which is that Wales has suffered for generations from the demeaning of its national language and institutions and that full law-making powers will restore confidence and vitality to the people of Wales.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Authority is the Enemy of Truth

It says:
"They must find it difficult.....
those who have taken authority as the truth
rather than truth as the authority."

Yes Labour have come up against many difficulties, many of their own making. Not a day seems to pass these days with something new to embarrass or humiliate the government - and not before time. The latest news announcement is that a proven terrorist and close associate of Osama Bin Laden is to be allowed to remain in the UK, on appeal to the courts. After all the talk of terrorists harboured in the UK it appears that they will not in fact be automatically deported, while legitimate British subjects are finding it increasingly difficult if not impossible to bring their foreign-born spouses of long-standing into the UK for settlement.
Where is the logic and where is the sanity? This present government displays neither.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Reward the Rich and Tax the Poor

Socialists would turn in their graves if they knew of the antics of New Labour.
As a result of the government's iniquitous and inequitable budget under the aegis of Gordon Brown it turns out that 5.3 million poorer citizens will be required to pay more tax, following the abolition of the 10p tax band. With typical sleight of hand the Labour government reduced the next lowest band of 22p to 20p, hoping that the public would welcome the new reduction of income tax. The fact that Labour is no longer a socialist party was borne out by the exposure of the millions affected by the abolition of the 10p band. The time is "Nye" to dispatch this government of the people to the depths of the earth where socialists toiled to build Britain's prosperity, and where their children lost out on the benefits that came from it. The withdrawal of the 10p tax is the final insult. With the coming of the May elections the public will not forgive these turn-coat socialists named New Labour.

Virtue is its own punishment.

Aneurin Bevan

We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.

Aneurin Bevan

Timeless Quotes from The Buddha

All Politicians and Bloggers take note

Welsh Money for Welsh Pockets

Steffan Lewis, of Plaid, has proposed the printing of Welsh bank notes. This is logical, as Scotland and N. Ireland have their own bank-notes. It is only fair that Wales should have them too. However, it would be better to adopt the Euro for Wales, as the Euro is very strong and the Pound is falling fast. Let it be a First for Wales - the Euro as the new Welsh currency!


Do We Deserve This Union?

Brown Or Blair: Who's The Worst PM?
By Sky News SkyNews - 33 minutes ago

Gordon Brown is regarded as a worse prime minister than Tony Blair by nearly a third of voters, a new poll suggests.
The Populus survey for The Times also shows the Conservatives' lead over Labour growing by three percentage points in the last month.
It found support for the Tories has risen two points to 39%, while that for Labour has fallen one to 33%.
The Liberal Democrats are down two on 17%.
Populus also found that 31% of the public feels the Prime Minister is worse than his predecessor, Mr Blair.
The findings are more bad news for Gordon Brown after recent polls showed that voters overwhelmingly rejected last month's Budget.

Meanwhile another poll has suggested turnout at the next general election could be at its highest since the 1997 landslide which brought Labour to power.
Research by YouGov found 65% of electors planning to cast a vote - up four points on 2005 and more than five on 2001 but still well behind 1997's 71.3%.
The poll was commissioned by computer giant Microsoft to mark the launch of a new Despatch Box political tool, designed to inform debate, on its MSN website.
:: Populus interviewed 1,502 adults between April 4 and 6, weighting the results to the profile of all voters.
:: YouGov surveyed 5,031 adults (1,000-plus in London) online between March 20-25.

In the view of Independence Cymru there is no doubt that Gordon Brown is a worse Prime Minister than Tony Blair, and that the New Labour Administration has been a disaster for Wales, apart from the advent of devolution and establishment of a degree of Welsh national government (the Assembly).

Sunday, 6 April 2008

From "Nationalia"

Plaid Cymru claims self-government is the way forward for Wales
Click HERE

The Welsh secessionist party has reiterated its intention to hold a referendum on independence in 2011 · Plaid Cymru, the second largest party in the Welsh Assembly, governs the country in coalition with the Labour Party.

The pace of devolution has been fast in the United Kingdom in recent years: less than a decade ago, Wales was without its own legislative body, but today one of its politicians is defending “the role of smaller countries on the European scene” before the Council of Europe. Addressing Plaid Cymru delegates last weekend, Elin Jones, Welsh Assembly Minister for Rural Affairs, said that “the rightful place for Wales is at the table in our own right, with our agriculture minister sitting between the agriculture ministers of Latvia and England”, the BBC reported.

Jones referred to the European Council meeting of agriculture ministers she attended recently. She had sat beside representatives from small nations, such as Malta, and from nations that have only recently become independent, such as Latvia, and this had confirmed her “faith in independence”, she said.

Unlike in Scotland, relations between the Welsh pro-independence party and Labour, which together hold 41 of the 60 Assembly seats, remain cordial. When the coalition was formed in June 2007, Plaid Cymru and Labour set up the All Wales Convention, which included plans to hold a referendum on the transfer of all legislative power to Cardiff. If the Welsh population voted in favour of greater autonomy, the Welsh Assembly would become a fully-fledged parliament.

Next month’s local elections will be a good indicator of the level of public support for the Plaid-Labour coalition programme. In an extensive interview with IcWales, Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones, said he was convinced that voters would not punish them for being in government with Labour.

Further information:

* BBC: Plaid minister urges independence
* Malta Media: Malta inspires Welsh minister to call for independence
* Welsh Government: All Wales Convention
* IcWales: Plaid leader eyes May successes

It is Only Right and Proper.........

Gordon Brown and Labour government spokesmen often preface their remarks with the phrase: "It is only right and proper......"
Labour is intent on creating the kind of society that nobody wants;
Labour is only interested in the self-perpetuation of the Labour Party, the British Union and the Labour government of that Union;
Labour is not interested in the preservation of the family and family values;
Labour, whether wilfully or inadvertently, contributes to the disintegration of society, the increase in the social and economic gap between the rich and the poor,
and the flood of citizens wishing to seek a better life overseas.
It is only right and proper that Labour should go.............

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Wales Resurgent - Gwynfor Evans

Borrowed from Welsh Independence Blog, but we cannot have too much of the man, particularly as we lead up to the May elections and another Plaid breakthrough.

An Interesting Comment

I recently heard an interesting suggestion : that we all go and live in Patagonia for two years to get away from this unfortunate state of Britain and its inept rulers, and then return in time for the next General Election, when an almighty change would be not only necessary but imperative.

On another issue, the new proposed coinage, devised by a presumed Unionist from Bangor, has come in for a lot of criticism, rightly so as, firstly it depicts various elements of the royal coat of arms, and secondly Wales is not represented just as it is not represented in the Union flag. Having said that, why should Wales be represented in any case in archaic Unionist heraldry? We have all the symbolism we need in the Dragon.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Encyclopaedia of Wales


A message from First Minister Rhodri Morgan is to be included in a copy of Wales ’ biggest ever book, which is to be given to the people of Patagonia .

During a special ceremony held at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay yesterday [1 April 2008], the First Minister and Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones signed a copy of the Gwyddoniadur, the new Welsh language encyclopedia which was published earlier this year, which will be taken to Patagonia and displayed at the Welsh Library in the Gaiman in the province of Chubut.

Rhodri Morgan said: “The Encyclopaedia of Wales is an excellent source of knowledge for everyone who has an interest in Wales and the Welsh. It has been described as ‘the first and last great book of Wales, no home should be without one’ so it is appropriate that a copy should be given to the people of Patagonia, where a great interest in our culture and heritage is still enjoyed thousands of miles away in South America.”

Elin Jones said: “I really hope the people of Patagonia will enjoy learning about Wales from the Encyclopaedia. It's important we share our cultural heritage and this book brings together so much fascinating information in one place.”

The encyclopedia will be delivered to Patagonia by Rhobert ap Steffan from Llangadog, Carmarthenshire, who will be going to Argentina later this year to raise money for Mencap Cymru on a Trans-Andean trek and to conduct studies into the relationship between the Welsh pioneers in Patagonia and the indigenous Tehuelche Indians. Rhobert is Research Editor of Cambria Magazine based in Nantgaredig.

To support Mencap Cymru please visit:

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Incompetence or Malignancy?

Read this article in today´s Daily Telegraph, by Simon Heffer.
Could it be that Labour did in fact have an undisclosed agenda, which has backfired on the government and inflamed public opinion and has now turned the public against them? There is more to this than meets the eye. The point is, though - where do we go from here, now so much damage has been done to society and the state of the economy?
Meanwhile the government is seeking more immigration, and is sending yet more troops to Afghanistan!
Again, is all this concern about climate change being purely man-made a diversion? Will the measures proposed to combat it make any difference? The growth of China´s development alone makes our efforts appear like a drop in the ocean...
The Comments are also particularly interesting.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Independence before Mass Emigration!

I overheard a conversation on the plane yesterday, as a group of Cymry flew to Spain for their vacation. They were expressing their discontent with the state of Britain today, and were talking about the possibility of moving overseas, and that they had friends in Spain who would never dream of returning from their life in the sun.

They are not alone. Massive numbers of Britons are leaving or are contemplating leaving for a better life overseas. The insane policies of the present government are driving them away, while at the same time admitting thousands of foreign workers from Eastern Europe. It has recently reported that their entry to Britain makes no difference to the British economy - in fact it puts more strain on services and resources - despite the attempts of the Prime Minister to refute these findings.

The government of Britain is out of touch with reality, or it has an undisclosed agenda, or is it burying its head in the sand? Wales urgently needs independence to right the wrongs in society before more of its people are lured away to foreign destinations.