Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Kind of Thoughtful Comment I Like to Read

I've just read the comments by Robert Willis in 'A View from America' and would like to make a few observations (I have been an active member of the Scottish National Party for over 33 years). He asks 'You say that one is either a Unionist, or a Nationalist. Is it really just that simple; is it that black or white?'. The answer to that question is quite simply 'YES'. He also asks 'Have you never heard of concepts such as devolution or decentralization?' - so what's the name of the process that established the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and the Assembly in Northern Ireland. There were also referenda in Scotland and Wales on devolution in 1978. With regard to the European Union versus the British Union (particularly in terms of Scottish history) the British Union was established despite the views of the people of Scotland (there were widespread riots throughout Scotland when the Treaty of Union of 1707 was agreed) whereas continued membership of the European Union would be subject to the consent of the people. A few years ago a Scotsman passing through immigration on entering the United States had to say that he was British to satisfy the immigration officer when he would have preferred to say that he was Scottish.

by Michael Follon

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