Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Archbishop Speaks Out for Independence*

*i.e. independent law-making powers.

The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, has spoken out for full law-making powers for Wales. He has every right to do so, for religion is a part of life and cannot be divorced from it. Religion is a regulator, ensuring that human values are nourished and maintained. Religion, spirituality and politics are all necessary to sustain the way in which life functions for the benefit of the whole community, and to guide our human affairs, as well as upholding justice and equity. When the Archbishop speaks about law-making powers for Wales he is not adopting a political position but rather a judicial and humanitarian view, which is that Wales has suffered for generations from the demeaning of its national language and institutions and that full law-making powers will restore confidence and vitality to the people of Wales.


Morgan Hen (Morgan the Old) said...


That is a political statement made by a cleric.Its fine if Dr Barry Morgan calls for independence . Its another for the Archbishop of Wales to.

It was rare for Martin Luther King to use his religious title. He was always referred to as "Dr King"

Your post is also misleading, Dr Morgan does not call for independence. I think you could be accused of being dishonest.

NitroTab said...

I'm going to have to agree with Morgan on this, Dr Morgan does not call for Independence, there is a big difference between Wales having it's own parlaiment (like Scotland has) and independence.

Stop trying to mis-lead people Alan, I want full independence too but I'm not going to mis-lead people in order to get it.

NitroTab said...

Oops, spelling mistake, I meant to type 'Parliament'.

alanindyfed said...

but in the sense of "independent law-making powers".
I understand the difference but feel there is no harm in using the word on the blog which will tend to associate the concept of independence with the growing popular desire for a Welsh parliament. It's a means of making "independence" more acceptable.
In my letter to the "Western Mail" only the text is present and not the headline with the (somewhat controversial) "I" word.
Please note the clerics like Archbishop Tutu, Father Trevor Huddleston etc. speak on on so-called political topics which affect the lives of people in Tibet, Zimbabwe, South Africa and other areas of injustice.