Sunday, 13 April 2008

Voices in the Wilderness

It appears that there is an extended freeze on some of the blogs, or could it be that the authors have already gone into recession? Whatever may be the case this blog and a few others plough the furrow towards the prospect of a future Wales, and in our view along the rocky road to independence. There are times, however, where a rest along the wayside is a welcome proposition, to review and consolidate and prepare for the next political onslaught. Soon the cyberways will once again be busy, with the campaigns for the May elections, when Labour will be well and truly trounced to the point of capitulation. Any party which pulls up its roots as radically as this party has done since 1997 deserves to suffer a loss of confidence as it becomes more and more fragmented and diverges from the unconsidered demands of the electorate.

Now it is the Archbishop of Wales who voices the concerns of the public and seeks full law-making powers for Wales, which is in effect a clarion call for the establishment of an independent Welsh Parliament as Scotland has. In many ways Wales lags behind in the progress of devolution, as Scotland and now northern Ireland forge ahead, supported at the grass-roots level. We need more of these voices in the wilderness to awaken the politicians to the reality of the present-day situation which is rapidly leading to a family of independent nations in a European federation, governed politically and economically through representation in a European Parliament. As such, Cymru will be a constituent nation of the EU and not an adjunct of Britain.

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