Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Independence before Mass Emigration!

I overheard a conversation on the plane yesterday, as a group of Cymry flew to Spain for their vacation. They were expressing their discontent with the state of Britain today, and were talking about the possibility of moving overseas, and that they had friends in Spain who would never dream of returning from their life in the sun.

They are not alone. Massive numbers of Britons are leaving or are contemplating leaving for a better life overseas. The insane policies of the present government are driving them away, while at the same time admitting thousands of foreign workers from Eastern Europe. It has recently reported that their entry to Britain makes no difference to the British economy - in fact it puts more strain on services and resources - despite the attempts of the Prime Minister to refute these findings.

The government of Britain is out of touch with reality, or it has an undisclosed agenda, or is it burying its head in the sand? Wales urgently needs independence to right the wrongs in society before more of its people are lured away to foreign destinations.

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