Saturday, 5 April 2008

An Interesting Comment

I recently heard an interesting suggestion : that we all go and live in Patagonia for two years to get away from this unfortunate state of Britain and its inept rulers, and then return in time for the next General Election, when an almighty change would be not only necessary but imperative.

On another issue, the new proposed coinage, devised by a presumed Unionist from Bangor, has come in for a lot of criticism, rightly so as, firstly it depicts various elements of the royal coat of arms, and secondly Wales is not represented just as it is not represented in the Union flag. Having said that, why should Wales be represented in any case in archaic Unionist heraldry? We have all the symbolism we need in the Dragon.

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Robert said...

Money on Aril the 1st give you any clues